The Sophia Code is a Divine Feminine Christ Movement Sweeping the Planet Now

bookSince releasing in July 2016, The Sophia Code is now an international phenomenon, currently activating thousands of initiates to embody the sovereign divinity of their Higher Selves, to mentor with the Ascended Masters, to activate their divine genome, and take up the mantle of Sophia Christ consciousness.

There have been countless reports of miracles, quantum leap awakenings, effortless healings, and paradigm breakthroughs that have poured in from readers around the world, who claim that journeying through The Sophia Code has entirely shifted their reality – and most importantly, returned them home to a direct relationship with their Source.

Communities are spontaneously forming worldwide to read the codex together and be initiated with one another. In our recent Reconciliation Ceremony webinar, we had Lightworkers in 32 countries representing our movement and sharing the good news of The Sophia Code’s love letter to humanity.


metatronThe Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum + Retreat Series
Your Quantum Leap Journey with KAIA RA and the Ascended Masters

white-blockWe are thrilled to announce that Kaia Ra is now available to guide you on a year-long journey of support through The Sophia Code teachings and Initiations for mentoring with the Ascended Masters.

This Divine Feminine Christ leadership curriculum covers every chapter of The Sophia Code through monthly live calls, live video classes, and bonus live telesummit Q&A group mentoring sessions that will launch your greatest potential in 2017.

Kaia Ra will also be offering you quantum healing empowerments and divine genome activations from The Sophia Dragon Tribe™ for deepening in your mentor relationships with each of the Divine Feminine Keycodes and for embodying your own Higher Self.

When you enroll in the curriculum you may also apply to attend a series of sacred site immersive retreats to experience Kaia Ra live in Mount Shasta, Los Angeles, and Sedona, AZ.*

This is a truly unique and rare opportunity to work with Kaia Ra and receive the living transmission coming through her embodiment, which is in service to empowering your greatest success in 2017.


The Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum

REDUCED CURRICULUM COST INCLUDES ACCESS TO ALL CLASSES AND REMAINING CLASSES IN 2017. All remaining classes are broadcasted live at 1 PM PST and will be recorded. Your Listen Again curriculum links will be easily accessible through our online classroom site and private FaceBook forum. Details for attending classes and accessing your links will be emailed out every month, per your enrollment.


Revolutionary Classes for Your Important Role as a Divine Feminine Leader
The Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum Offers You:



  • Receive life-changing insight on the revelations offered in every chapter of The Sophia Code

  • Let go of “being burnt at the stake” or “killed as a Templar”! Get quantum healing transmissions to clear oaths, vows of poverty, and patriarchal trauma from your multiple lifetimes of spiritual service

  • Receive divine genome activations that deeply integrates your Higher Self consciousness with your human awareness

  • Create authentic mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters as your spiritual guides for leading in this Golden “Age of Miracles”. Learn essential Keycode altar practices.

  • Clears challenging blockages and / or painful resistances to your psychic development

  • Get centered in your core and deeply grounded in your divine purpose

  • Deepen in your direct relationship with the Source and receiving your own divine guidance

  • Year-long activations of the divine genome within you for embodying your sovereign divinity with fierce grace and compassionate joy

  • Face your fears of the genius creativity within you and allow the light of your Higher Self to create through your humanity

  • Celebrate 2017 with an incredible community of Lightworkers supporting you to live in your highest potential as a Divine Feminine leader

  • Be initiated into The Beauty Way and the importance of embodying prosperity consciousness

  • Members-only class website for easy access / listen again links and FaceBook private group forum

This is a modern-day sanctuary and high-frequency think-tank for spiritual revolutionaries, teachers, healers, activists, advocates, and creatives who want to embody their highest potential and fulfill their greatest calling in 2017 with an overflowing abundance of support from the Ascended Masters. This is container offers radical support for accessing and asserting the master who already lives within you.

Section 1 Curriculum


January 11 Live Call + January 18 Live Video transmission for Chapter 1
“Your Direct Relationship with Sophia”


February 1 Live Call + February 15 Live Video transmission for Chapter 2
“Understanding the Technology of Your Sovereign Divine Genome”


March 1 Live Call + March 15 Live Video transmission for Chapter 3
“Mentoring with The Sophia Dragon Tribe”

March 22 Bonus TeleSummit – Live Q&A 2-Hr Group Mentor Call

white-blockApril 5 + 8 Live Calls for Chapter 4
“Mentoring with the Divine Feminine Christ Keycodes”


April 19 Live Call + April 22 Live Video transmission for Chapter 5
“Divine Feminine Christ Leadership for the Golden Age of Miracles”white-block


Section 2 Curriculum

May 3 Live Call + May 17 Live Video transmission for Chapter 6
Mentoring with Isis and the Keycode 1 revelations


May 24 Bonus TeleSummit – Live Q&A 2-Hr Group Mentor Call

white-blockJune 7 Live Call + June 21 Live Video transmission for Chapter 7
“Mentoring with Keycode 2 Hathor & The Hathor Star Nation”
Bonus: Summer Solstice Activation




July 5 Live Call + July 12 Live Video transmission for Chapter 8
“Mentoring with Keycode 3 Green Tara & the 21 Emanations of Tara”


July 19: Bonus TeleSummit – Live Q&A 2-Hr Group Mentor Call

white-blockAugust 2 Live Call + August 16 Live Video transmission for Chapter 9
“Mentoring with Keycode 4 Mother Mary”
Bonus: Lion’s Gate Prosperity Blessing Way Activation


September 6 Live Call + September 20 Live Video transmission for Chapter 10
“Mentoring with Keycode 5 Mary Magdalene & The Order of Magdalena”
Bonus: Autumn Equinox Activation




October 4 Live Call + October 18 Live Video Transmission for Chapter 11
“Mentoring with Keycode 6 Quan Yin & Mahavatar Babaji”




November 1 Live Call + November 15 Live Video transmission for Chapter 12
“Mentoring with Keycode 7 White Buffalo Woman & The White Buffalo Star Nation”white-block

November 22: Bonus TeleSummit – Live Q&A 2-Hr Group Mentor Call

white-blockDecember 6 Live Call + December 13 Live Video transmission for Chapter 13 “Mentoring with The Sophia Dragons”
Bonus: Golden Dragon Light Body Closing Ceremony

metatronThe Sophia Code 2017 Sacred Site Immersive Retreats

JUNE 14 – 18 2017
4-Day Immersive in Mount Shasta, CA
Divine Feminine Christ Initiations: Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Quan Yin



SEPTEMBER 22 – 24 2017
2-Day Immersive in Malibu, CA
Divine Feminine Christ Initiations: Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene



OCTOBER 24 – 27 2017
4-Day Immersive in Sedona, AZ
Divine Feminine Christ Initiations: White Buffalo Woman & The Sophia Dragons


These exclusive retreats are currently closed to the public and are only available for application by verified participating initiates of The Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum. Limited Capacity to ensure each initiate receives individual attention.

*Disclaimer: your purchase of the above curriculum does not include the cost to attend retreats nor does it ensure that your application will be accepted to attend the retreats.


The Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum

Please Note Regarding Refunds: We ask that prior to making this purchase, that you follow your heart, take a breath, and ask if you are committed to opening yourself fully to this knowledge and the benefits available to you. We do not offer refunds.
If your answer is a clear yes to join us for the 2017 Curriculum, then through this monetary energy exchange you honor the value in the program and the act of generosity to yourself. You begin the process of transformation by committing to your own intention and connection to your Higher Self.  You allow yourself to fully engage, trust in the path that brought you here, and open yourself to divine love and exceptional teachings. Thank you for joining us in this movement.