metatronToday’s Ascension Forecast

Saying YES to DNA Activations in Christ Consciousness

Prayer to your Higher Self:
I’m ready, please guide me in how to receive DNA activations that allow me to embody my Higher Self now.
I commit to moving forward as a 5th-dimensional being, to show the way for humanity.
I commit to the inner changes this 5-dimensional shift requires for me to shine the fullness of my own Christ Light here on earth for the duration of this lifetime.
Thank you for guiding me, I’m listening and available for the answers to this prayer.
Note: There are free recorded DNA Activations in our Prayer Archive, as well as our 8-week course with the Ascended Masters

Open to receive the Violet Ray / Violet Flame to bless your personal sovereignty

Call in St. Germain for an epic Violet Ray / Flame soul bath to let the past lie down and rest forever.
Ask to fill up all that new available space in your body with your own Holy Spirit Higher Self.
Ask to receive a 5th Dimensional light body upgrade to now interface with your carbon DNA.

Aligning with a divine will for your life that goes beyond your own ideas of who you think you are or why you think you are here


MM-on-RoseWhat is divine will?

When you’ve exhausted all those “options” of trying to be someone you’re not…
When you’re done with making yourself crazy, and you’re ready to act on the REAL DEAL for your life purpose…
That’s called stepping on the direct path of your Higher Self’s divine will for you life. 
It’s committing to the path you’ve always known is calling you from your own heart.

Parallel lifetimes are coming into a unified field of consciousness within your human awareness.

We are all now learning about the true multidimensionality of our divine nature.
Get ready to let go and allow the thousand eyes of your crown chakra to help you see yourself clearly – all of your Selves.
In every dimensional reality. 

Today’s stargate of 11:11:15 is for you to authentically inquire into your heart about why you’re here, how to create momentum for your purpose, and committing to a direct path for your own liberation and highest joy.



Ascended Masters to call on today:

St. Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Serapis Bey, Isis, Hathor, Star Nation family


Jophiel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, the Pleaidian Archangels



“We say this with the most love: Get out of your own way. Surrender to the sovereign power within you arising now to bless you beyond your understanding. Take pride in who you are. No more hiding or playing small. Humanity needs you – the true you, your Higher Self in human form – activating your full sovereign power for this next Golden Age cycle. You are here to lead, amongst those who lead, it’s time to open your wings and fly. Faith, self-honesty, gratitude, self-initiation are the intentions for this stargate portal. Soar into the Violet Ray of ascension consciousness blessing your planet today. It is the divine will for you to prosper and succeed in all ways.”

— THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE as channeled by Kaia Ra