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Friday, December 21, 7–10 PM | Doors Open at 6 PM


“Anchor Your Sovereign Angelic Light
in the City of Angels” 

You are invited to experience the living transmission of The Sophia Code at a special gathering for our international Family of Light. This Solstice Ceremony will be Kaia Ra’s Los Angeles debut since the release of The Sophia Code. Kaia Ra will be arriving in L.A. with specific teachings and Higher Self downloads from the Ascended Masters and angelic orders of The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

In August 2018, Kaia Ra received prophetic visions and multiple messages from the Ascended Masters about the urgent importance of fully embodying your Higher Self’s angelic light bodies within your human body now. A true call-to-action, the Ascended Masters are ready to activate your important mission and prepare you to fulfill your calling as a leading edge Lightworker in 2019 and beyond.

The Ascended Masters chose this ceremonial activation to occur in the City of Angels to utilize the vortex of Earth energy native to Los Angeles, which broadcasts the angelic realms – both dark and light – across this planet. Together we will reclaim this vortex, consecrate it to the divine order and light of Sophia God, and step fully into our clear remembrance of who we are as angels on Earth.

This activation permanently connects the entirety of your consciousness to the Source light of Sophia God. Further, this will allow your awareness and human body to receive uninterrupted downloads of divine guidance from your Higher Self — regardless of all dark agendas and chaotic viral programming that we are currently facing as a collective.

Join us for the largest gathering of our international family of Lightworkers and Kaia Ra’s biggest event in LA to date, which will prepare The Way for 2019 and our greater calling to Divine Feminine Christ leadership.

  • Experience Kaia Ra channeling the living transmission of The Sophia Dragon Tribe
  • Receive divine genome activations for anchoring your angelic light on Earth in the City of Angels
  • Download, upgrade, and reinforce the angelic ascension technology of your Golden Dragon Light Body
  • Open the angel wings of your heart with Divine Feminine quantum healing
  • Reclaim your divine inheritance to thrive in your mission as a living angel on Earth
  • Accept the unconditional love and support you deserve for your divine purpose
  • Receive Divine Interventions from Kaia Ra and the Ascended Masters as she channels lightning wisdom during the LIVE Q&A Session
  • Discover how supported you are in your divine mission by meeting other Lightworkers from around the world who are also initiated into The Sophia Code modern mystery school
  • Meet Kaia Ra and get your copy of The Sophia Code signed (Books will be on sale at the event)

Tickets: $33
Location: The Women’s Club Santa Monica
Doors Open @ 6 PM: Book + Jewelry Sales
Event Time: 7–10 PM includes Live Transmission, Q&A, and Book Signing
Online Ticket Sales Are Now Closed: December 21 – Cash Sales at the Door December 22- Cash and Credit Card Sales at the Door

{   Pre-Launch Sale!  }

The Embody Your Sovereignty Collection

Experience Kaia Ra’s stunning new jewelry line The Embody Your Sovereignty Collection, which is inscribed with the living transmission of The Sophia Code, at the Friday evening ceremony.

Each design is hand carved to activate your divine genome and deepen your direct mentor relationship with the Ascended Masters and orders of angels. Be one of the first Lightworkers on the planet to adorn yourself with this angelic ascension technology channeled by Kaia Ra to protect and expand your Higher Self embodiment in 2019.

Discover the entire collection before and after The Sophia Code Solstice Ceremony to make your pre-launch sale order with our jewelry angels. Orders will be fulfilled by the end of January 2019.

December 22, 1–5 PM

“Embodying Your Divine Feminine Christ Leadership
in 2019” 

Step deeper into the Solstice Stargate to receive key teachings for mentoring with the Ascended Masters and angelic orders in 2019. In this intimate gathering with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe you will discover why accessing the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness of your own Higher Self is essential for leading others through this next pivotal year in humanity’s evolution. We will be mentoring with all 8 Keycode Ascended Master teachers featured in Section 2 of The Sophia Code, with The Sophia Dragons as our overlighting guides for this afternoon of revelatory teachings.

The Sophia Dragons are the highest seraphim angelic order of the Divine Mother. They are exceptional mystery school teachers for training our body, hearts, and minds in how to birth a new paradigm beyond the laws of form — including how to create in our sovereignty beyond spiritual warfare. In honor of the Winter Solstice, you will receive a Snowfire Sophia Dragon® Light Body Activation to protect your sacred heart as you navigate and guide others throughout the global-wide shifts of 2019.

This light body activation was presented to Kaia Ra in August 2018 as a part of a prophetic commission to prepare Lightworkers for leading in the new year ahead. The Snowfire Sophia Dragon® Activation burns out all remaining karmic attachments to suffer for your innate sovereignty and initiates your consciousness in how to own the totality of your divine power.

This is the first time that The Snowfire Sophia Dragon Light Body Activation is being offered to you. Your participation in Saturday’s Immersive will catalyze and broadcast the next quantum leap that all Initiates of The Sophia Code movement are destined to take together as an international community. Usually this information would only be shared with Initiates who have extensively trained in The Sophia Dragon lineage. However, the urgency of these upcoming shifts demands that we as Lightworkers receive the ascension technology that is needed now to fully and unconditionally embody our sovereignty for leading The Way in 2019.

  • A forecast of channeled teachings for Divine Feminine Christ leadership in 2019
  • Receive Divine Interventions from Kaia Ra about how to integrate your Higher Self’s angelic light within your daily human journey during an extended LIVE Q&A Session
  • Create new heartfelt connections with your international Family of Light
  • Get inspired by shifting into the “Get-To” perspective of your Higher Self about your divine mission to lead in this lifetime
  • Chart your course to thrive with your angel wings out amidst the upcoming shifts in humanity’s evolution
  • Receive exclusive first access to The Snowfire Sophia Dragon Light Body activation

The Ascended Master Immersive on Divine Feminine Christ Leadership will be a life changing afternoon to set you up for success in 2019. It is our deepest prayer for you to receive the support that you deserve for choosing to step into your divine purpose. We look forward to spending time with you in-person as we go deeper into our shared mentorship with The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

Tickets: $333 Online Ticket Sales Are Now Closed. Cash and Credit Card Sales at the Door
Location: The Women’s Club in Santa Monica
When: Saturday, December 22 @ 1–5 PM

Regarding Refunds: Thank you for your understanding that there are no refunds for the Winter Solstice Weekend event purchases. However, you are welcome to sell your tickets and email us the information of the individuals taking your place. Store credit only for Ascended Master Immersive ticket cancellation. Please contact our Event Coordinator, Brooke, with your questions at: