The Sophia Dragon Tribe is a collective consciousness called forth and created by the Divine Mother Sophia, Creatrix of All Life, as a unified High Council of those exceptional Ascended Masters who have lived exemplary sovereign embodiments throughout eons of physical incarnations on this planet, as well as others, across the cosmos. When Sophia summoned this High Council it was for the sole purpose of supporting All of Creation in remembering itself as wholly and perfectly divine – made equal in the image and likeness of the One Sophia Source.

The Sophia Dragon Tribe includes the highest qualified Ascended Master teachers who are experts on the subjects of sovereignty, including how to anchor and integrate the Sophia Christ Light of your Higher Self within daily human life. These master teachers include many beloved and recognizable figures from humanity who repeatedly activated The Sophia Code within their spiritual DNA over lifetimes of training and divine service.

The introductory volume of The Sophia Code presents the first eight essential Keycode mentors for humanity’s collective awakening to Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness through the High Council members of Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and The Sophia Dragons who generously share their individual stories, wisdom, and initiations for embodying your sovereignty.


Celebrated Ascended Masters from other species, such as The Sophia Dragons, as well as representatives from other star systems, are also an integral part of The Sophia Dragon Tribe High Council. Such a diverse assemblage of inter-species perspective and wisdom, speaking as a unified voice, offers a dream team ascension council capable of guiding humanity, as well as an intergalactic community of species, in our collective journey of awakening divine self-remembrance.

As such, The Sophia Dragon Tribe is a universal High Council in service to Sophia’s unconditional and relentless love for all beings. Our assistance with humanity’s awakening will also bring about a greater awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness with an entire cosmos of sovereign life.

Central to the High Council’s unified voice is Sophia Herself, as the one voice from which all voices and perspectives of that one voice arise. Sophia God consciousness is both the black womb of no-thing and the Light Source of universal life from which the phenomenon of all form arises. As the Divine Mother Creatrix of all life, She has assembled The Sophia Dragon Tribe to directly dialogue with Her creation, in as many accessible forms as needed, to reach the hearts and minds of Her infinite children with the all-loving and empowered message of our original divine nature.

The Sophia Dragon contacted Kaia Ra in December 2009, while she was living on Mt. Shasta in northern California. Since that first introduction, we have been in direct and constant communication with her consciousness, guiding her awareness to understand that she is our human representative of the High Council, and an integral member of The Sophia Dragon Tribe.





JUNE-2014My life changed forever the day I met The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

Their Presence, unconditional love, and empowerments have supported me to recognize, embrace, and celebrate my own divine nature and human potential in ways that I never knew were possible.

As a clairvoyant, visually stepping into the stunningly beautiful cosmology of Sophia opens my heart to the spiritual promise that I can live “Heaven on Earth” everyday by recognizing this reality already lives inside of me – eternally.

I had been spiritually seeking that direct revelation my entire life, and it mysteriously and most wonderfully came to me through the vehicle of The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

In my spiritual quest to attain that inner knowing, I had wholeheartedly committed to many religious paths and trained in multiple lineages ranging from Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and indigenous traditions of worship. It was not until Sophia directly spoke to me, opening Her world of pure light for me to step into, that I felt at home in my quest.


With that said, what I know after years of theological exploration is that I am completely disinterested in creating something “to be right about.” In other words, I have absolutely no interest in creating another cosmology of God/Goddess identification that would be put above any other, claiming that this is “the only way.”


Quan-YinMy intention in revealing my direct revelations of The Sophia Code and the visionary cosmology of The Sophia Dragon Tribe is to exercise my own sovereign right to create a spiritual cosmology that resonates for me, and if its wonder inspires others to claim their own magnificent self-realization, then my own personal blessing is infinitely multiplied.

The Sophia Code is a living transmission that is here to assist you in whatever way resonates for your courageous human journey – keep what is helpful for your heart, allow the rest to fall away.

Perhaps for those who may have difficulty in understanding why yet another cosmology has arisen from human consciousness, you could consider The Sophia Code simply as a love letter from the Source reminding us of how precious we are.

For it seems we need as many love letters as we can receive in these days of great planetary change.


The Sophia Code will challenge many thought structures about collective beliefs on a multitude of subjects, including re-considering a dragon as the highest order of Seraphim angels or hearing Mother Mary’s human perspective on her public career. We must remember that, not so long ago, as a species we were all convinced that the world was flat and that we were the only planet in the cosmos. In the not-so-distant past, some of us were even willing to die or kill others for those beliefs to be rigidly sustained.

Challenging our belief structures about what God consciousness is and opening to the quantum possibilities of our multidimensional Universe is a good thing, it’s an exercise in spiritual humbleness that keeps the innocence of our wonder for “God” fresh and vital.

In my spiritual quest, it authentically surprised me that Source consciousness came to me as a parthenogenetic Divine Mother flanked by opalescent ivory-scaled dragon angels and the coolest Ascended Master friends that I could ever ask for.


I find that the more I relax into the truth that I have every right to this perspective and sharing this living transmission, the more that I relax into sharing its blessing with those who are asking for it. This cosmos of Sophia and its divine messengers of sovereignty truly works for me, so much so, that I have taken the time to share this wondrous cosmology, from my heart to yours, through the introductory volume of The Sophia Code.


As you experience its living transmission, you have an opportunity to discover for yourself how divine consciousness would like to open your own heart to embody “Heaven on Earth”. What does the divine consciousness that creates Universes look and feel like to you? As a sovereign creator, you too have a totally unique connection to that One Source. And your perspective on Source may look very similar to, or entirely different from mine. And that is perfectly OKAY with me.

So it is my deepest prayer for those that are touched by the transmission of The Sophia Code that we may all walk The Beauty Way together, in peaceful dialogue and self-discovery stimulated by The Sophia Dragon Tribe – respecting, enjoying, and delighting in both our similarities and differences of spiritual belief as a blessed miracle of the infinite, holy perspectives that all arise from the One Source.

May 2013