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In 2008, during a winter-long writing sabbatical on Mount Shasta, CA, Kaia Ra was consciously taken into the light of Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, to meet with an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe®.

This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented to Kaia Ra a great commission to write the word of their living transmission on sovereignty as a love letter to humanity from Sophia, Divine Feminine Christ consciousness, to be broadcast worldwide through multiple books and media channels as The Sophia Code®.

These exceptional Ascended Master mentors promised to offer spiritual mentorship and teachings in how to download, anchor, and integrate the Sophia Christ Light and correlated technology of your Higher Self’s divinity within the human body.

The Sophia Dragon Tribe includes many beloved and recognizable figures from humanity’s rich fabric of secret Divine Feminine lineages, who are referred to as Keycodes in The Sophia Code cosmology. Each Keycode has lived countless exemplary lifetimes activating the sovereign divinity of populations on this planet, as well as others across the cosmos.

These individual Keycode teachers create a master blueprint for activating the sovereign divinity of humanity through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness during this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. This Keycode master blueprint reveals the holy Seraphim Order known as The Sophia Dragons and seven Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentors that include: Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman.

It is the prayer of each Ascended Master in The Sophia Dragon Tribe to walk with you in equanimity, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart, as they guide you in how to embody the inheritance of your own sovereign divinity.

meet the sophia dragon tribe through the keycode inititations

keycode 1

Within the wings of Isis you’ll release past life vows and outdated belief systems that are holding you back in this lifetime as you activate your root chakra with foundational beliefs of self-love that amplify the resonance of your sovereign divinity.

keycode 2

Meet the radiant Ascended Master Hathor as a life changing spiritual guide and mentor for activating the power of your voice, embodying your intuition, amplifying your creativity, and discovering the unlimited abilities of your multidimensional self.

keycode 3

Open your inner pathways for receiving intuitive guidance directly from the Source as you release unconscious attachments to suffering and embrace the sovereign wholeness of your Higher Self in this visionary guided meditation with Green Tara.

keycode 4

In this heart-opening visionary meditation you’ll honor the unique beauty of your own divinity with the loving presence of Mother Mary by your side as an accessible mentor guiding you in how to recognize the language of your Higher Self.

keycode 5

Meet Mary Magdalene, the Order of Magdelena, and angelic aspects of your Higher Self in this extraordinary guided meditation that includes initiations for how to embody divine love instead of fear in every present moment as you lift your wings high!

keycode 6

Journey to the heart of self-love with Quan Yin as your spiritual guide and mentor for deepening in self-compassion as you receive powerful Inner Child spiritual healing that helps you access the truth of your sovereign and invincible innocence.

keycode 7

Meet White Buffalo Woman in a stunning visionary sacred space to activate your crown chakra connection to the Source, open your throat chakra for authentic expression, and bless your heart chakra with courage for fulfilling your divine purpose.

keycode 777

Within a heavenly temple you’ll meet Sophia’s highest Seraphim angelic order, The Sophia Dragons, as you receive spiritual healing that aligns the sovereign creative power of all of your lifetimes to fulfill your divine purpose within this present lifetime.

keycodes 1 - 777

The 8 Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of The Sophia Code® book are channeled with the living transmission to activate your divine genome and create direct mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters for embodying your Higher Self.
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