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It is my great honor to share with you every Higher Self Activation from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® in this super charged collection of channeled ceremonies. These Activations are designed to compliment and build upon the first (8) Keycode Initiations in The Sophia Code® book. Once you have completed all the Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of the book, this Activation series continues to strengthen and expand your Higher Self embodiment with additional teachings, spiritual healing, and practical insights.

These visionary guided meditations will provide essential spiritual support for navigating such an important and pivotal lifetime. Every Higher Self Activation builds upon one another and although you can journey through any Activation as a single experience, it is best to listen to the entire playlist in order for the first time. After completing the Activations journey in order, you’ll deeply benefit from revisiting any ceremony as you are intuitively guided by your Higher Self.

Every time you listen to an Activation video, you’ll experience expansion and integration of the empowerments that you receive from such an abundance of channeled teachings. This exceptional series provides a wealth of information and spiritual healing that you can return to often as a resource for growing in your Higher Self embodiment. It is with all the love in my heart that I welcome you to these beautiful Activation ceremonies!

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Higher Self Activations Package

The Sophia Code Activations Package Includes the following 17 Higher Self Activations:

The Sophia Code Activations Package Includes all 17 Higher Self Activations.

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the sophia code higher self activations

experience the living transmission

Walk through the temple gates with the Year of the Dragons Activations
This Higher Self Activation will help you Embrace the Visionary Creative Within You with the guidance of the wood dragon and The Sophia Dragons.

Original price was: $55.Current price is: $44.

Please note that this activation is also found in the Stargate 2 curriculum
Through a transmission of clarity, Kaia Ra shares a powerful dissertation to fully unveil the true meaning of the word “Christ” and how we, as embodied lightworkers, can take back the power of this word and consciousness

Original price was: $44.Current price is: $33.

Integrate all of your lifetimes from these powerful epochs in time
Clear soul contracts of matrix oppression and get soul retrievals that reclaim your energy and psychic gifts from past lives lived in the highly advanced, ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt.


Courageously live in alignment with the truth of your Higher Self
Learn how to magnetize better opportunities, experiences, and relationships by courageously living in alignment with the truth of your Higher Self including practices to help you show up in the spotlight of your own life


Learn to listen to the voice of your own heart
In our channeled “Legacy of Love” Activations, meet Mother Mary as a radiant spiritual guide as she leads you to the answers of your divine purpose by teaching you to listen to your inner voice.


Take the next quantum leap in your sovereign spiritual leadership
Being in sacred ceremony within the light of Sophia Christ Consciousness offers potent Higher Self Activations and spiritual technology upgrades from our beloved Ascended Master mentors.


Reclaim Magdalene lineage codes that amplify your mission as a Lightworker
Step into your sovereignty with Kaia Ra and receive channeled messages and activations from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Joan of Arc that will open your heart and empower your divine purpose.


Integrate the gifts and wisdom you’ve cultivated in previous Golden Ages
Travel with the Ascended Masters to receive activations in the Dragon Heart Temple of an enlightened civilization called Shamballah where The Sophia Dragons taught students in temples built upon cloudline mountain peaks.


Create new levels of prosperity consciousness
Step through the temple gates of your prosperity with these powerful Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations: you are here to remember yourself as holy and pure, Daughter and Son of the Most High.


Travel to the Temple of Hathor to release limitations about your human potential and upgrade the spiritual technology of your body with Hathor’s Starseed Activations.


Strengthen your ability to successfully face uncertain times
In this powerful ceremony with Kaia Ra, the Order of Magdalena, and Saint Joan of Arc, you’ll feel your faith restored to confidently face these uncertain times.


A visionary experience to explore the divinity of your soul
Connect to the sacred heart of the Divine Mother to receive a profound transmission of Sophia’s grace and Divine Feminine Christ light blessing your body, heart, and mind.


Walk through the temple gates with Ascended Masters Isis, Mary Magdalene
Receive Activations on how to express healthy boundaries for unapologetically stepping into your sovereign power and fulfilling your purpose. You’ll reestablish trust in the grace and discernment of your Higher Self.


Restore, bless, and amplify your direct connection to the Source and your Higher Self in this beautiful ceremony that is filled with profound quantum healing from the Ascended Masters and Sophia.


Activate your Divine Purpose with The Sophia Dragons
Since ancient times, the dragon archetype is associated with awakening the master teacher within. The Sophia Dragons will open your heart to the unlimited nature of your soul’s creative power to effect great change.


Activate the angelic attributes of your divinity
Unfurl the spiritual technology of your Higher Self’s angel wings with Mary Magdalene as your spiritual guide. This beautiful activation invokes your soul’s light to expand beyond your heart chakra into the radiance of y


Heal from past life vows and addictions to suffering for your beliefs
In this landmark event in Sydney, Australia, Kaia Ra channels a teaching transmission on the correlation between Divine Feminine Christian & Buddhist Dakini principles as revealed in The Sophia Code.


Receive life changing Divine Feminine Activations from Mother Mary
Within Mother Mary’s guiding light, you will receive 13 sacred flame activations that empower you to recognize the worthiness of your gifts, talents, intelligence and creativity.


Activate your intuitive gifts and creative personal power
Join Kaia Ra in this powerful ceremony to release unconscious beliefs about the Divine Feminine within you and reclaim your intuitive creative power.


frequently asked questions

Each recorded Activation is a 2-3 hour channeled ceremony with Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragon Tribe. While every Activation is different in what it has to offer, you will experience prayer, invocation, guided meditation, spiritual healing, channeled messages and transmissions from the The Sophia Dragon Tribe. You'll also experience riveting mentor Q&A with Kaia Ra at the end each ceremony, which offers a wealth of applicable wisdom teachings. 

Absolutely! We encourage you to watch the Activations as often as you feel guided by your Higher Self. You will have an entirely new experience every time you revisit an Activation and receive next-level downloads of spiritual healing and insight. When you return to any of these recorded ceremony you are welcoming The Sophia Dragon Tribe to support your integration process and to receive even greater insights from the abundance of channeled teachings provided in every video.

The 8 Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of The Sophia Code book are recorded in Kaia Ra’s voice as guided meditations with the living transmission that supports your direct mentor connection with the Ascended Masters. These recordings provide multidimensional teachings and a rich visual landscape for beginning your journey into The Sophia Code cosmology. Every Initiation will focus your awareness upon the light of your Higher Self. This sustained focus activates the divine genome within you and supports you to integrate the divine qualities of your soul uplifting and expanding your daily human journey. You’ll also be guided in how to release unconscious belief systems with the sovereign resonance of empowering mantras and prayers that support your greatest success. This exceptional initiatory series also prepares your heart for embodying your spiritual leadership alongside the Ascended Masters.

As a continuation of recordings that broadcast the living transmission of The Sophia Dragon Tribe, the Higher Self Activation Series includes recorded online ceremonies with Kaia Ra that have initiated significant personal and collective growth for our international community. Each Activation recording includes a full ceremony of channeled spiritual healing, teachings, and mentor Q&A. You’ll also receive support for deeper integration of your divine genome, downloads of multiple spiritual light body technologies, and expand in your direct mentorship with The Sophia Dragon Tribe!

This Activations Package is designed to compliment and build upon the first (8) Keycode Initiations in The Sophia Code book. Once you have activated your divine genome with those original Keycode Initiations, this Activation series continues to expand your Higher Self embodiment with additional light body downloads that are essential for the times we are living in. Every Activation in this series builds upon one another and it is best to listen to the playlist in order for the first time. You also receive a discounted rate by purchasing the package of these 10 Activations.

It is not required but it is encouraged that you read The Sophia Code to receive the most from each Activation. However, you are welcome to participate in any Activation no matter where you are on your journey with The Sophia Code as this Activation Series is designed to support all levels.

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