In 2018 it’s time to get your inner Joan of Arc on …

After witnessing the past several months of an accelerated darkness that humanity is surviving, I have never been more certain about why we’re here to lead The Way in 2018.

Everyday we bravely live on a planet dealing with an unseen-black-hole-face of annihilation consciousness.
In the first half of my life, I actually met that unseen face of annihilation – face-to-face in Washington D.C. – which you can read about in the Preface of The Sophia Code.

Staring down that face of annihilation consciousness through my own death, I discovered that our pure, innate divinity and sovereignty can actually surpass the greatest challenges to our generation with dignity, grace, and a coyote laughter that shifts paradigms.

I know, without a doubt, that we can actually rebirth a new world beyond anything that we’ve been told is possible. These daily atrocities that we are surviving have nothing on us – for we are all waking up and remembering – right now – that these trials are our invitation to lead.

We came here to be nothing less than heroic – and I can tell you from the other side of surviving the seeming impossible – it’s all worth it. The greatest depths springboard the highest heights to reveal the glory of Sophia shining from within you.

You and I came here to shine the greatest angelic light in the darkest of times to authentically remember and never forget again what we’re all really made of – the pure stardust of Sophia God – and nothing less.

I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned from a lifetime of leading from this space of raw, invincible confidence that can only be re:sourced from Sophia.

Let’s dance side-by-side in leading the dragon ride of 2018. Together, I know that we’ve got this!

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