Your Heart Is Already Making the Difference

From a recent response that I wrote to a question regarding how to be in a good way with yourself amidst so much political turmoil:

“Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any solace about the political environment of our time, other than pointing to the immense amount of spiritual awakening that it is facilitating for people who were previously on the fence about making a creative difference for the future of humanity.

That spontaneous awakening, which we can clearly see after this past weekend’s many international marches around the world, in which millions of people gathered to protest the current administration, is a sign that even amidst such great darkness, our light is birthing a new reality.

If you consider that we are dismantling about 30,000 years of patriarchal rule since only about the 1960s …. this revolution is still young yet. And we must pace ourselves, knowing that we are running a marathon, not a sprint. Self-care, self-compassion, and self-love are essential for surviving the storms and remaining in the light and center of your true self on this heroic human journey home to the sanity of love.

Personally, I have taken refuge in my dharma to birth The Sophia Code, and therefore dedicated my entire life to sharing about the good news presented therein about humanity’s sovereign divinity. I truly believe The Sophia Code is a message that humanity is ready for, and that its Initiations address every root attachment for the global perpetuation of all suffering.

Everyone has their own role to play at this pivotal moment in history, and it is our personal responsibility to know our role, however simple or complex it may be, and to boldly step into fulfilling that role.

I simply keep my head down, in service to my heart, and show up to do what is my part to do everyday. I stay focused like an eagle upon what is my business to do, and refrain from focusing on anything that is none of my business. The media, politics, and military provide such a perfect 3-ring circus for fear, anxiety, and downright terror to fester and entertain an untrained mind for weeks, months, and even years of living in an unresolved state of panic.

As Jesus said: ‘The Lord is my strength, and I shall not want.’

We must focus on the Source, which I call Sophia, and train our thoughts to be in service to our hearts in communion with our Creator, and what this Great Source within us would have us contribute to the whole. Keep your eyes fixed upon the goodness within you. Steady yourself in the truth of divine love that will reconcile all, according to a divine plan that we can only ever glimpse – even in the highest mystical states.

Know that your light and life is so helpful and appreciated and important. Every step that you take is a blessing for the Earth and is guided by millions of angels who pray for you without ceasing. The role you choose to play in this movement is important, and fits perfectly with the roles of everyone else who are praying this prayer for peace with you.

Look not to the outer world to inform you of whether or not you are making a difference. Feel into your heart and know that you already are.”

All My Love,
Kaia Ra

© 2017 KAIA RA™