Black-Madonna44Following my son Jesus’ public demonstration of spiritual ascension, Roman empirical persecution launched my family and I to flee across the Mediterranean Ocean. Through the power of focused intention and prayer, our boat safely landed on the shores of France.

We arrived bearing the ancient teachings, rites, and transmission of the Sophia Christ Light in our hearts and wombs. Those intuitive individuals who were guided to find us, recognized our purpose, and swiftly directed my family and I to be hidden in the safety of local caves. Sheltered within an underground labyrinth, we lived for many months in these caves, secretly supported by those who believed in us.

Although it was a challenging passage, our time living in the caves of France provided much needed solace and reflection after years of public teaching. With Jesus’ ascension, our family had completed a massive spiritual offering that would continue to evolve humanity’s consciousness for thousands of years to come.

Although our souls burned bright, our humanity felt weary. The caves were a perfect refuge for integrating the many successes and losses of our spiritual legacy.

And so began an extensive, highly advanced initiation into the womb mysteries of our one Holy Mother. Cradled inside the earth, we meditated through the many days of darkness by wholly diving into our re-birth. Comforted by the grace of our dark retreat, we shed emotional layers with tears as salty as the sea. We held each other often and through inner communion sought to understand our next embodiment of the Divine Feminine Christ.

MAG-on-roseMary Magdalene, my spiritual daughter, thrived in the caves, transfiguring her many difficult emotions into a vehicle for personal liberation. She was a master teacher of many highly advanced tantric rites of the Dark Mother, including initiations of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and an oracle for the Hindu Goddess of liberation Kali-MA. Mary Magdalene passionately carried these hidden lineage transmissions of the Divine Feminine Christ within the fierce, angelic love of her Sacred Heart.

With absolute presence, Mary Magdalene would transmit these teaching through her eyes standing at the unknown center of your soul. It was a rare opportunity for my spiritual daughter and I to spend this much time together. We maximized the opportunity by often joining our minds together as one in meditation to amplify our understanding of the Dark Mother Mysteries and prepare for the birth of Mary Magdalene’s first child.

Within the still womb of the earth’s cave we floated in the cosmic womb of the One Mother from which all life arises from no-thing. We explored how to define our purpose without being seen by another. We allowed our human awareness to be as a new egg of unknown potential, free from the mental constructs of who we were in our past ministry to others.


Blog-SOPHIA2In the tender black space of the Dark Mother, we felt entirely safe to let go, dissolve, and begin a new chapter of our lives. We had access to all the unconditional love that we needed to just be still in our gestation. We trusted that the Holy Mother would reveal when it was time to re-emerge from the caves as a rose opens to sunlight.

In the dark space of no-thing we surrendered back into the Source of our true power: our intimate and direct revelatory relationship with the One Mother. In her likeness, we became empty vessels for Her consciousness to rise up from within our wombs as new forms of understanding and expression.

We sang the Songs of Sophia, [“She Who Is Within ALL”], and filled the Holy Chalice of our bodies with Her Immaculate Presence. We celebrated that all have arisen from this same space of no-thing, and that all will return to this womb, again and again to be eternally reborn.

It is here that the Dark Mother can remind you of your own divine origin, that you have been birthed as a sovereign creator, made in the exact image and likeness of her consciousness.

Peer into this cosmic womb. Feel the Dark Mother ever listening for The VOICE of what is asking to be born anew.

As you look upon this ineffable mystery, ask yourself: am I ready to accept Sophia’s immaculate womb as a my mirror? In the cave of your consideration, watch as Mary Magdalene dances in her embodiment of Kali upon the threshing floor of your consciousness.

As Mother Mary, I ask you: can you accept the infinite womb space of your own Sacred Heart?

Eventually, the ordained hour came in which we knew it was safe to emerge from our underground refuge and we boldly stepped forward into our new life. In the years that followed our departure, a regional oral history arose amongst those who had secretly supported us.

Iconic stories about Mary Magdalene and myself became interchangeably immortalized into a single figure known as “The Black Madonna”: a mysterious Holy Mother embodiment associated with the sea who offers her miraculous healings within sacred caves.



If you feel drawn to the imagery and practices of “The Black Madonna” your soul is being activated by a joint transmission from both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, oracle for Kali. It indicates that you are expanding with momentum into your personal power.

The time to care about what others think of you is over. You are standing in the womb of your creative power and what is created next is between you and the One Mother alone. It’s time to trust the divine knowing within you and express your power with confidence.

Your soul has entered into the self-mastery initiations of the previously hidden, “Dark” Mother lineages, which involves aligning your human will to consciously act and create in your full power as a SOVEREIGN CREATOR, without apology.

You can now trust the master emerging from within.

Unconscious behavioral patterns are being recognized and integrated into the pure light of your higher consciousness at an accelerated rate. The Black Madonna transmission asks the challenging questions that must be authentically answered to remember your true divine worth. Stepping into the Sacred Heart of The Black Madonna liberates you from the self-judgment that there is anything wrong with your human experience or expansion.

MM-CHALICE-ceremony• You are ready to discover that liberation comes from the unrelenting practice of abiding in unconditional self-love.

• Deepening commitment to discover and shine previously unknown parts of your True Self

• Accelerate your healing process by creating time to Go Within and completely feel your feelings until you witness a shift in their intensity. Be willing to sit uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes with highly charged feelings.

• You are a natural leader with a strong Divine Purpose. Be sure to create regularly scheduled time for personal retreats from public service to re-charge your heart / womb.

• A new chapter of your life has been initiated, shed the past with grace through the practice of devout self-care and periods of meditative solitude.

• The Divine Feminine Christ consciousness is awakening within you: “Be an empty chalice for the Holy One Within to speak clearly through you.”

• You are being spiritually guided to mentor with the Ascended Masters Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.



Black Madonna Channeling © KAIA RA 2014



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