If you’re feeling a powerful heart-calling to be more seen in your Divine Feminine leadership in 2018 … or you’ve been feeling an inexplicable inner drive to serve but don’t know where this guidance is leading you … The Blessing Way Ceremony with Mother Mary and Kaia Ra will deeply honor your heart’s prayer to lead in 2018. This powerful multidimensional ceremony is an unforgettable channeled experience filled with helpful guidance and back-to-back quantum empowerments that you can return to again and again for leading with great success in 2018, supported by the Ascended Masters overnighting presence.

The channeled ceremonies that Kaia Ra co-creates with the Ascended Masters meet you where you’re at, and then accelerate your divine purpose pathway with lightning speed. Designed to initiate your next-level mastery, The Blessing Way Ceremony is an invitation for you to deeply honor yourself in preparation for some big changes to come in 2018. We have never needed awakened leaders more than we do now.

I’ve been serving as a Divine Feminine speaker, mentor, and channel for most of my life. I know how intimidating it may feel to fully commit to your path of Divine Feminine leadership. This ceremony is for honoring your willingness to be on this sacred path, for honoring your courage to stay on this path, and for honoring the birthing of your own unique Divine Feminine leadership style that’s daring you forward.


The 2018 Blessing Way Ceremony with Kaia Ra & Mother Mary
“Honoring the Arrival of Your Divine Feminine Christ Leadership”

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Guided by KAIA RA

A Ceremony to Reclaim Your
Divine Feminine Creative Power

Kick off your journey with The Sophia Code Foundational Curriculum by experiencing our opening ceremony in this amazing replay for reconciling with your innate Divine Feminine creative power. This ceremony is an invitation to explore a Divine Feminine creative approach for living your life in greater alignment with your Higher Self. We welcome you into this virtual sanctuary to receive quantum healing and empowerments with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe. After signing up, you will receive a link to participate in this ceremony from anywhere in the world.