From My Heart to Yours: Reflections on Class 2

Excerpt: … “I want to encourage everyone in class to remember that no matter what I am being asked to speak about in our class together, there is always far more happening with your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters than what your human awareness may be able to track in that moment, or what is capable for me to put into words.Thank you for trusting how multidimensional this mystery school curriculum really is as you activate and integrate all the facets of your soul that is engaged with many dimensional realities all at once.

I also want to thank everyone for the supportive space that I feel from each of you welcoming me to present these materials exactly how they need to come through. There is no end to the vulnerable feelings that are simply foundational in Divine Feminine Christ leadership, and today was no different for me in that regard as I stepped into class to speak on behalf of The Sophia Dragon Tribe™.

For I can prepare an entire class all week long and then show up to our call and the High Council or Sophia may decide to change the course of that class in a moment’s notice. And that’s exactly what happened today, I got to embody the Divine Feminine teachings of stillness, listening, and sharing directly downloaded wisdom as I was being guided by the High Council to spontaneously teach about Chapter 1 completely different from how I had prepared to present today’s material for the class.

I’ve been teaching for many years, and yet that spontaneous request to flow with the current and surrender to what divine will knows is best for a group consciousness, always feels vulnerable when the spotlight is on to deliver.
I felt called to be transparent about this tonight because I know, once again, it’s the only way to teach about embodying Divine Feminine Christ consciousness, by sharing about the very real feelings of vulnerability that arise as I am constantly stepping into the unknown of what divinity knows is best for me to do next as a leader and teacher. (Or not do for that matter.)
Further, I want to be transparent and share that there is no requirement to like feeling vulnerable for you to show up to your divine purpose. I often do not like feeling vulnerable, yet that’s where all the juicy, creative genius stuff happens. Yet that vulnerability often feels like being out of control for me – and I don’t have to like that part of the co-creative process that I am continually engaged in at the forefront of this global movement.
Feeling into the vast unknown space of the present moment, and always showing up to what divinity is asking me to do in that moment, can lead to some pretty hard feeling for me – or even downright anger. I don’t always like the position and vulnerability that my Divine Feminine embodiment calls me into, nor am I required to like those feelings to show up and deliver when I’ve made a commitment to do so, regardless of my feeling state.
I am here to offer in my embodiment that we can still show up to our calling, with all of our feelings about it. Confusion, disappointment, sadness, depression, anger, grief, frustration, overwhelm – all of these feelings can actually co-exist with your heroic human journey to embody your greatest potential.
The gift that you can feel your feelings will never go away while you’re in a human body, expanding your consciousness. Expansion of consciousness always requires stepping directly into the very vulnerable unknown. And we all know how the ego structure has very strong feelings about the unknown.
No, what changes on this journey of activating our awareness and willingness to reach for our greatest potential and align with the divine will for our highest creative expression, is our relationship with our feelings. We learn how to be in an authentic relationship with our feelings – without making ourselves wrong for not liking them – and as we explored in today’s class, we get to be in a relationship with Sophia by talking about our feelings with Her.
We can resource all the support and love that we need from Her about these very hard feelings that may arise, at any turn, in our moment-by-moment expansion as we come into alignment with a greater will than our personal free will.
I got off the phone today, took a step back, and was amazed by how different the structure of today’s class was from my idea about. I checked in with The Sophia Dragon Tribe™, I checked in with Sophia, and I got a double confirmation and multiple messages about how class went down exactly how it needed to and why. I got to marvel about my ideas about class before the call Vs. the Big Plan for today’s call whose infinite breadth of divine orchestrations I will only ever know about through mere glimpses that I receive in this time-space continuum.
And I breathed a sigh of relief, that Thank God, I am not in control, I have surrendered my free will to be of service to the divine will of Sophia, which knows much better than I do as to how today’s class was to serve everyone on the call and beyond, far into the future.
I share this, from my heart to yours, so that you can feel my immense appreciation for your trust in me as a guide for this journey.
I also want to be transparent with you so that it’s all very clear that there will be many vulnerable moments in your own Divine Feminine leadership in which you will not like how you feel – and you will discover that the greatest love you can offer yourself and those whom you are called to serve is to show up anyway, with all your hard feelings about that Big Plan and huge prayer that Sophia is praying for your greatest happiness and liberation from every last small idea that you may have about your magnificent self.
All My Love,
Kaia Ra


© KAIA RA 2017

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