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Receiving daily guidance from your Higher Self has never been more essential for navigating these pivotal times. We all need to be “at the right place, at the right time” to fulfill our divine purpose amidst so much global change. This curriculum is full of life changing psychic development techniques from the Ascended Masters that make a significant difference in your daily spiritual practice.

You’ll deepen your mentor relationship with the Ascended Masters on this exceptional guided journey to clear and activate the 8 Chakra Temples of Intuition within your own body. Packed with powerful techniques for understanding the direct message of your Higher Self, this curriculum is designed to recognize the wisdom of your body as a highly attuned vessel that is capable of receiving the divine guidance you need — every day!

In every master session you’ll also participate in ceremonial rites of passage that include spiritual healing attunements that will help you break free from self-limiting beliefs about your psychic abilities and support you to reclaim your natural intuitive gifts. This curriculum provides a fun, dynamic learning environment for your intuition to blossom in exciting new ways. You deserve to thrive from your Higher Self connection!

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psychic development training includes

Activate Your Chakras

8 Master Sessions that unlock the major chakra system for receiving Higher Self guidance with practical tools for your daily practice

Quantum healing icon

Quantum Healing

Receive spiritual soul healing for releasing unconscious fears about your natural gifts and abilities from multiple lifetimes

Opening Ceremony with Isis

Isis Opening Ceremony for clearing collective pain related to ancient Atlantis, Lemuria & Egyptian civilizations affecting psychic development

Empowerment Invocations

Resource powerfully channeled invocations for aligning with your Higher Self’s intuitive guidance in all circumstances

Ascended master mentorship icon

Ascended Master Mentorship

14 Hours of new teachings, guided meditations, and personal growth insights to enhance your spiritual practice

Gifts of Attunement

Receive gifts of spiritual attunement from the Ascended Masters that accelerate your psychic development for all 8 major chakra temples

Mentor calls with Kaia Ra icon

Mentor Calls with Kaia Ra

Explore a wealth of mentor Q&A recordings with Kaia Ra that will deepen your spiritual practice for being guided by your Higher Self’s intuition

Online forum icon

Exclusive Online Forum

Experience a dynamic learning environment that includes exciting social media features and focus group discussions

Team Angel Support

Our Team Angels are available for tech support, curriculum questions, and actively engage in the private forum to support you on your journey

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psychic development training with kaia ra


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activate your psychic gifts

The Psychic Development Training activates your 8-Major Chakra System for receiving daily guidance from your Higher Self.

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frequently asked questions

We use a grounded and integrated somatic approach to psychic development that focuses upon resourcing your own sovereign divinity for the highest levels of information that you can access directly from the Source. This course is completely guided by the exceptional guiding light of The Sophia Dragon Tribe to help you overcome long-standing resistances to your intuitive gifts and to support your direct access to the master that already exists within you.

All 8 Keycode Ascended Master mentors from Section 2 of The Sophia Code provide new teachings, quantum healing, and guided meditations in this curriculum. You'll experience the exceptional presence of Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and The Sophia Dragons in 8 Master Sessions of psychic development training.

This curriculum contains 14 hours of training material that you can return to again and again for greater integration and further activation. Your purchase of the Psychic Development Program give you lifetime access to this training material. You can revisit these classes again and again to integrate the teachings and deepen in your Higher Self chakra activations.

This curriculum provides a dynamic multidimensional learning environment in which you are receiving these activations directly from the Asended Masters as guided by your own Higher Self downloading them into your chakra system.

Please be assured that these chakra activations are received by you as directed by your own Higher Self consciousness. You will only receive what you feel emotionally ready to receive in these spiritual downloads. This training will provide the tools of spiritual discernment and empowerment needed to safely explore the topic of psychic development through the clear space of your own sovereignty. This training program is intended for all levels of spiritual development.


We recommend pacing yourself with the coursework and allowing for necessary stages of integration. There is no need to force this learning process for intuitive openings to unfold with grace. We practice a loving, grounded, compassionate, and integrated approach to psychic development. We believe there is a perfect divine timing for how the mind / body / spiritual light integrates and upgrades.


Your enrollment includes lifetime access for revisiting this curriculum again and again. Every time you return to this curriculum, you'll be able to go deeper with the teachings and the activations. There’s no rush and no need for a spiritual crisis to open your intuitive gifts, as they already exist inside of you.

No. Completing the Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of The Sophia Code provides a helpful foundation for integrating the psychic development activations, however, this is a stand-alone course that you can begin upon enrollment.

This multidimensional training is riveting for both beginners and advanced students alike.

Yes! This training is intended for everyone no matter where you are at on your journey of psychic development. Throughout each of the 8 Master Sessions, you’ll participate in ceremonial rites of passage and revolutionary Higher Self Activations that will be working with every part of your consciousness, meeting you exactly where you're at and supporting you to open your heart with grace and ease.


This training will support you to break free from self-limiting beliefs about your psychic abilities to reclaim how natural it is to have your spiritual gifts of discernment and intuition.

No. Although it is enormously helpful to have completed the Keycode Initiations in Section 2 of The Sophia Code prior to beginning this material, you can participate in this curriculum at any time.

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