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Every year, I look forward to mentoring our future Sophia Circle® Leaders LIVE throughout this exceptional training course. I developed the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program® to honor the countless requests we’ve received from Lightworkers around the world asking to officially lead with The Sophia Code®. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, healer, or mentor for others or you’re just beginning your spiritual leadership, becoming a certified Sophia Circle Facilitator will activate your co-creative partnership with the Ascended Masters.

You’ll learn how to create a dynamic space of sovereign self-inquiry for your clients to recognize and reclaim their divinity through The Sophia Code teachings. A Sophia Circle Journey is a powerful community learning experience that guides your clients through every chapter of The Sophia Code. Every Sophia Circle Journey includes 13 transformational gatherings that include altar creations, invocations, water blessings, meditation, prayer, group readings, and creative journaling prompts for community sharing.

The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program gives me an opportunity to deeply invest in our future spiritual leaders and your enrollment opens the door for you to directly work with me in a VIP Mentor Immersive training. It is my honor to co-create this international movement to activate humanity’s sovereign divinity with you, heart-to-heart and wing-to-wing. See you in class, Angel!

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Our 2023 Sophia Circle Leader® Panel with Kaia Ra at our
Dragon Heart Leadership Immersive in Sedona, AZ

January 2026 Live Program Includes:

Mentor Calls with Kaia Ra​

Receive LIVE Mentor Classes & explore a wealth of mentor Q&A recordings with Kaia Ra for your spiritual leadership to thrive

Certification Training Videos

Learn the foundational practices for leading Sophia Circle Journeys® with 8 Modules of Certification Training Videos

Exclusive Online Forum

Experience a dynamic learning environment that includes exciting social media features and focus group discussions

Marketing & Leadership Teachings

That empower you to make an income by hosting your own Sophia Circle Journeys® upon successful completion of the program

complete this life-changing program to lead
your own sophia circle journeys!

Meet our Certified Sophia Circle Leaders ®

Mysti Green shares the most effective marketing strategy for filling her circles – she’s held 17 circles so far!

Aaliyah Sophia shares why she decided to sign up to become a Sophia Circle Leader®

Alexandra Grace shares her reflections on her transformation through the certification program

Jade Heartsong shares about her biggest learning curve with leading Sophia Circle Journeys®

Felicia Fox shares her journey from leaving corporate leadership and finding her divine purpose once completing her certification

Beth shares how Sophia Circle Certification® has helped her strengthen her energetic boundaries


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lead sophia circle journeys

yes! empowerment plans available. Schedule a free consultation with a team angel to learn more!

Leading Sophia Circle Journeys with The Sophia Code

Have you felt a calling to share The Sophia Code with others? In these informative videos Kaia Ra shares about the life changing training material in the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program. She also speaks with our incredible graduates who are leading Sophia Circle Journeys worldwide. Discover how you can be a part of The Sophia Code movement with a community of Lightworkers just like you!

Sophia Circle Leadership Roundtable 2022


Sophia Circle Leadership Roundtable 2021

the official certification process

for sophia circle leadership

It’s natural to feel hesitant or intimidated about a certification process, but please know that our team is here to deeply support your completion of this initiatory journey. When your packet is submitted, you’ll look back and appreciate your courageous willingness to lead!

You will have one year to complete the coursework for your certification application. However, we highly suggest riding the momentum of the live mentor journey with Kaia Ra and completing your packet within 3 – 6 months after the live classes. The sooner you complete the materials, the sooner you can apply for certification and make income from your spiritual leadership with The Sophia Code.

After completing all 8 modules of self-mastery activation steps your application for certification will include: a brief video presentation, a written essay, and a Team Angel interview. Once you have received team approval of certification, you will receive a signed certificate from Kaia Ra, the official facilitator’s manual, and your marketing materials. You’ll also have lifetime access to our private Sophia Circle Leadership online forum. We look forward to supporting you in our upcoming live journey for Sophia Circle Leadership training!

Please Note: Facilitating sacred space with The Sophia Code is a privilege and a responsibility our team takes seriously. Thank you for respecting the program structure of this modern Mystery School container, as each level of education is designed for everyone’s safety. Enrolling in this program does not guarantee certification. You are not able to market or facilitate instructive paid programs with The Sophia Code until officially certified by Kaia Ra.

Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program

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sophia circle leadership affiliate program

The SCL Affiliate Program allows for our seasoned certified leaders to receive affiliate commissions on Events, Mystery School Curriculums, and the KR Jewelry Collections. The SCL Affiliate Program is designed to expand prosperity consciousness and financial solvency for our spiritual leaders to thrive in their ministries and to expand their platform with The Sophia Code teachings.

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Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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You will receive an email 2 days before our next Prayer Call with your Zoom link to join us live.

Bonus! You can access the last 4 months of the Prayer Collective video replays inside The Sophia Code® App when you open a FREE app membership!

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