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Hi Angel,

Does healing from past wounds or early life losses and trauma feel intimidating? I completely understand! Healing your heart is a vulnerable and complex journey that is meant to be navigated with resources of loving support and helpful insights. I created the Soul Power Journey Curriculum with all the compassion and respect in my heart for those who are brave enough to own their sovereign journey of personal healing and Higher Self empowerment.

Within this curriculum journey you’ll discover that it’s more than possible to mend your wings and lift them high — no matter what you’ve survived. These video classes and creative tools are based on important topics of soul recovery that will return you to the innate wholeness of your own divinity and the presence of your Higher Self guiding your heroic human journey from within.

There is a full spectrum of essential feelings and integrative processes that must be honored to authentically transform trauma into soul power. I channeled this program to offer an intuitive, holistic, and somatic approach for discovering the radiant soul power that can be accessed within you now through these powerful classes on self-love. 

You deserve to shine and to have all of your happiness in 2022, Angel!

You can learn more about the Soul Power Curriculum Journey in the FAQs below.

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soul power journey curriculum includes

Embodiment Practices

Journaling prompts and personal rituals that open your heart, normalize your emotional spectrum, and help you identify your needs

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Daily Spiritual Tools

Release self-shaming habits with daily practices that support self-regulation, titration, self-forgiveness, and personal empowerment

Step Into Sovereignty

Get honest about any unconscious codependent patterns in your life through the sovereign perspective of your Higher Self

New Somatic Teachings

Explore a new somatic language from Kaia Ra that speaks to your body’s wisdom for healing the Inner Child and reclaiming your creative power

Self mastery activation steps icon

Self-Mastery Activation Steps

Initiate life changing transformation with self-activation steps that inspire supportive focus group discussions in the class forum

Healing Resources PDF

Access a downloadable PDF list of additional resources and healing modalities that may support your Soul Power Journey

Mentor calls with Kaia Ra icon

Mentor Calls with Kaia Ra

Receive a wealth of mentor Q&A recordings with Kaia Ra that will deepen your daily self-care and mindfulness practice

Exclusive online forum icon

Exclusive Online Forum

Experience a loving and supportive learning environment that includes exciting social media features and focus group discussions

Team Angel Support

Our Team Angels are available for tech support, curriculum questions, and actively engage in the private forum to support you on your journey

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soul power journey with kaia ra


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activate your soul power

Release the past and step into your sovereign soul power for creating a new relationship with life

yes! empowerment plans available via Affirm. ​

frequently asked questions

  • Self-love practices for transforming trauma into soul power
  • Self-regulation, titration, and self-compassion
  • Rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover the emotional spectrum that is essential for healing
  • Communicating healthy emotional boundaries
  • Inner resourcing vs. seeking outer validation
  • Greater emotional freedom, peace, and harmony with your loved ones
  • Choosing your sovereignty over codependency
  • Resourcing the Ascended Masters for your empowerment journey

This program offers so many spiritual tools and techniques to support your healing empowerment, we're happy to share more details with you about the Soul Power Journey in a Team Angel Consultation that you can schedule HERE.

In this unique lifetime we're all here to heal from trauma that occurred in countless lifetimes, not just this one. We're all on the same path to reclaim the truth of our innate wholeness and to deepen in our direct connection with the Source — regardless of what we have survived or been told to minimize. There is no shame in being a healing person — in truth healing people are our greatest heroes! It is only the ego structure that demands if you are serving others that you must maintain a veneer of perfection and have nothing left to heal.


The greatest mentors and spiritual leaders are always willing to bend a knee to their own hearts and listen for what needs to be loved within them next. A community of healing people creates a quantum field of heightened awareness, somatic intelligence, spiritual attunement, insightful wisdom, and revolutionary compassion. We deepen and integrate in the truth of our wholeness from the direct learning experiences of our personal and collective healing journey.

No. This curriculum can be approached on its own, however, completing the (8) Keycode Initiations in Section 2 of The Sophia Code will deeply support your ability to self-regulate in your healing journey.

You are welcome to watch the full video or watch it in segments. Ask your Higher Self to guide you in how you work with this material. Your own intuition knows best and a big part of this curriculum is honoring what is right for your own needs, healing, and growth.

We highly recommend watching all the video classes and doing all the self-mastery activation steps in order for your first journey through the curriculum materials. Then you are welcome to revisit the videos in any order that you feel guided to deepen in your healing journey.

With your lifetime access to this curriculum, you may revisit these classes as often as you need to. There is a wealth of information in each video and every time you take in this material you will learn something new and integrate these teachings on a deeper level.

To receive the most from the Soul Power Journey, we encourage you to complete all self-mastery activation steps. There is a wealth of material here that produces incredible personal breakthroughs on every level of your being. We invite you to practice titration and to move at your own pace through the activation steps, allowing for cycles of integration between completing each self-mastery activation step.

With your enrollment you will have lifetime access to all the video classes and course curriculum.

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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