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Mentor with the Ascended Masters

Hi Angel,

I know how vulnerable it can feel to open your heart to the radical transformation that occurs along the journey of embodying your Higher Self. The Stargate 1 Curriculum is an authentic Mystery School experience that walks you right into the heart of your own divinity — which innately transforms everything that you believe about your humanity.

Together we’ll walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code® as you develop life changing mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters. This journey will give you the spiritual tools to move beyond painful resistances to embodying your own divinity, while teaching you how to be present with the astounding opportunity of living your life through sovereignty.

As you take your next leap of faith by enrolling in the Stargate 1 Curriculum, I want to personally thank you for receiving this much support for your heroic human journey! You are now walking into the sun of your own success.

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the stargate 1 curriculum includes

Classes with Kaia Ra icon

classes with kaia ra

35 Classes on how to embody the sovereign divinity of your Higher Self and mentor with the Ascended Masters as a daily practice

Mentor calls with Kaia Ra icon

Q&a with kaia ra

Explore a wealth of mentor Q&A recordings with Kaia Ra that will deepen your spiritual practice with The Sophia Code teachings

Quantum healing icon

Quantum Healing

Receive quantum healing transmissions with the Ascended Masters that supports your soul integration of the curriculum material

Self mastery activation steps icon

Self-Mastery Activation Steps

Initiate life changing transformation with self-activation steps that inspire dynamic focus group discussions in the class forum

Unique spiritual tools icon

Unique Spiritual Tools

Journaling prompts and personal rituals that deepen your mentorship with the Ascended Masters and The Sophia Code teachings

Bonus transmissions icon

Bonus Transmissions

Includes 12 bonus Prayer Collective recordings that provide additional activations and integration for the Stargate 1 Curriculum journey

Create your sacred space icon

Create Your Sacred Space

Discover the joy of altar creation for mentoring with the Ascended Masters for your personal and psychic development

Online forum icon

Exclusive Online Forum

Experience a dynamic learning environment that includes social media features and focus group discussions for the Stargate 1 Curriculum

Team Angel Support

Our Team Angels are available for tech support, curriculum questions, and actively engage in the private forum to support you on your journey

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stargate 1 with kaia ra


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activate your sovereign divinity

In the Stargate 1 Curriculum you will receive life changing teachings for how to embody your Higher Self and mentor with the Ascended Masters.

yes! empowerment plans available via Affirm.

frequently asked questions

  • Embodying your Higher Self
  • Mentoring with the Ascended Masters
  • Meditation, prayer, and mindfulness practices
  • Intuitive development
  • Personal empowerment rituals & altar practices
  • Integrating the consciousness of your sovereign divinity
  • Self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion & self-care
  • Channeled writing and journaling for self-mastery
  • Exploring your divine purpose

No. Your enrollment in the Stargate 1 Curriculum does not include a copy of the book. We currently use a print-on-demand publishing service that prevents us from combining book sales with our programs. However, you can easily order your copy of The Sophia Code HERE.

Your Stargate 1 Curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership site with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access everything that you need within our online Mystery School portal.

No. The Stargate 1 Curriculum was designed to guide you through every chapter of The Sophia Code with over 30 classes that will support your learning process. You can begin reading The Sophia Code as you work through the curriculum materials.

No one may claim to be a spokesperson for Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragon Tribe, or a teacher of The Sophia Code book, without the written legal permission of Kaia Ra.


The Stargate 1 Curriculum provides foundational teachings and mentorship for Sophia Circle Leadership. In this certification program you train to become an official facilitator of Sophia Circle Journeys® through every chapter The Sophia Code book. You can learn more about this professional opportunity and apply HERE.

To properly quote passages from The Sophia Code or Kaia Ra please use the following examples as a reference:

“In this current Age of Miracles, we are fully committed to engaging with your awareness in a daily communion of mentorship.” —The Sophia Code

“You’re praying to keep up with the prayer that is constantly praying you.” —Kaia Ra


Please use quotation marks that open and close the quoted material. Please be sure to include the name “The Sophia Code” or “Kaia Ra” in your citation after a hyphen. Hashtags should be used in addition to a proper citation, not to substitute a citation.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness when sharing this material with others!

Your instructions for online access will be sent to the email address that you used to purchase this curriculum. Check your email account to access your membership site login details. The Mystery School curriculum and private forum exist in the same portal. If you do not see your introductory email be sure to check your “promotions” and “junk mail” folders.

The original live journey for the Stargate 1 Curriculum unfolded over the course of one year with most classes scheduled two weeks apart.

These are potent transformational classes that we suggest you take time to integrate before moving onto the next one.

A helpful way to pace yourself is to mark your goals on a calendar of when you’d like to complete each class. Be sure to schedule at least one week in between classes. Questions about your pace with the Stargate 1 Curriculum? We’re happy to support! Contact our Team Angels HERE.

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activate your sovereign divinity

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Our global prayer circle is easily accessed through live web streaming and phone using the Zoom platform. Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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