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Direct Mentorship with Kaia Ra

Hi Angel,

Your unique angelic mission to lead others to their sovereignty is important to me. I know that there are crossroads in the professional journey when an exceptional training opportunity puts new wind beneath your wings for thriving in success. That’s why I dedicate several times throughout the year for an in-person opportunity to connect with me at a VIP Mentor Immersive.

A VIP Immersive provides you with concentrated, white hot personalized downloads from the Ascended Masters and your spiritual guides that immediately accelerate the fulfillment of your divine purpose. Stepping into new levels of success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances to that expansion. The VIP Immersive illuminates the root of your deepest fears and guides you to take courageous action upon your immediate next steps as a professional leader.

You’ll also be receiving a wealth of information, healing insights, and professional tips by witnessing the channeled experience of other participants. This dynamic learning environment is one of my favorite offerings and it’s carefully curated by my Team Angels for an intimate and unforgettable mentorship experience that’s an exclusive offering for our beloved Sophia Circle Leaders®. You can learn more about our next VIP Mentor Immersives by scheduling a Team Angel Consultation HERE or Sophia Circle Leaders can apply HERE now.

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vip mentorship immersive includes

Channeled Personal Message

Experience a channeled conversation with your personal high council of guides, which may be represented by multiple spiritual realms

Ascended master mentorship icon

Ascended Master Mentorship

Immerse yourself in the pure resonance of sovereignty as The Sophia Dragon Tribe guides your next-level professional awakening

Mentor calls with Kaia Ra icon

Mentor with Kaia Ra LIVE

Receive the lightning transmission that Kaia Ra solely reserves for our Sophia Circle Leaders in this riveting ceremonial space

Define Your Angelic Mission

Get clear guidance on how the interrelated facets of your gifts, talents, interests, and soul contracts harmonize as a leadership blueprint

Quantum healing icon

Quantum Healing

Experience immediate transformational healing in this channeled sacred space that uplifts your entire being into Sophia Christ consciousness

Divine Business Solutions

Kaia Ra provides in-depth answers on topics related to platform development, business expansion, knowing your message, and developing brand identity

Accelerated Collective Learning

In this curated environment you’ll simultaneously receive the gift of being a sacred witness and having a directly channeled experience

Let Go of Limitations

Identify critical root fears that are impacting your ability to be seen as a leader and the action steps that are needed to liberate your divine purpose

Team Angel Support

A Team Angel scribe will take notes of your direct mentor experience for you to remain fully present during your personal channeling

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vip immersives with kaia ra


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mentor with kaia ra live

Expand your Sophia Circle Leadership, professional offerings, and business platform to the next level by mentoring with Kaia Ra in a life changing VIP Immersive

frequently asked questions

A VIP Immersive is a curated learning environment for Kaia Ra's most powerful leadership training of the year! This intimate classroom experience is reserved for our Sophia Circle Leaders to receive lightning transmissions and professional guidance for expanding their platforms. Due to the limited capacity of these yearly events, seats sell out fast. Sophia Circle Leaders should apply well in advance for future VIP Mentor Immersives HERE.

Due to the global ministry of The Sophia Code movement and the professional demands of our international Mystery School, Kaia Ra is no longer available for private mentor sessions. The VIP Mentor Immersive is the only way to directly mentor with Kaia Ra.

Applications are solely available for students currently enrolled in the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program or graduate alumni Sophia Circle Leaders. Curious about becoming a Sophia Circle Leader? You can schedule a Team Angel Consultation HERE to learn more about this exceptional leadership training with The Sophia Code®.

Yes. You can schedule a Team Angel Consultation HERE to learn more about our upcoming VIP Mentor Immersive schedule and create an empowerment payment plan that will help you acheive your goals.

Yes. We now schedule at least one virtual VIP Mentor Immersive per year. Please schedule a Team Angel Consultation HERE to learn more about our upcoming VIP Mentor Immersive schedule.

No. However, we provide a Team Angel who takes comprehensive notes on the guidance you receive during your channeled conversation. This support allows for you to remain fully present during your direct mentorship experience with Kaia Ra.

A VIP Immersive provides an intimate class setting for advanced students to feel connected to one another while receiving personal mentorship. This balance requires a limited amount of attendees and is curated to maximize your direct connection with Kaia Ra.

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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