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{  Accelerate Your Angelic Light in 2019  }

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Did you know that your
Higher Self has angel wings?

Your physical body is an emanation of your Higher Self and those angel wings are always with you!

As a Lightworker, you’re actually a living angel on Earth, and your wings can be unfurled from your heart chakra to bless this world.

In 2019 it’s time to flex your wings wide and stand in the fullness of your Higher Self’s angelic light. Ready to shine this bright?

Chances are good that as an intuitive Lightworker, you may already feel the momentum of rapid global transformation at this time.

You may be feeling an inexplicable calling to prepare your body, heart, and mind to serve your divine purpose unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

If this is you, then welcome home, Angel!

Access the Video Replay
Only $13! 

{ Limited Time Special Offers Included }

2019 is going to be such a powerful year for all of us.
We’re being initiated to embody the fullness of our angelic light, not just part of it.

In The Sophia Code, we meet Mary Magdalene and the Order of Magdalena as master souls who have also walked this Earth with their wings high during the darkest times of humanity’s evolution.

In 2019, our worldwide community will be overlighted by Mary Magdalene. She is here to guide you in how to embody the fierce love of your Higher Self’s angelic ray of light.

You and I came to Earth with an important mission, just as all the Magdalene Earth Angels who came before us to lead The Way.

To prepare for the year ahead, I have designed a multidimensional Earth Angel Ceremony to bless your heart’s prayer to be an active wayshower of Sophia’s Light in 2019.

We’ll open up your wingspan, strengthen your Higher Self connection, and download angelic blessings to support your success all year long.

On January 24, 2019 I’ll co-lead The Earth Angel Global Summit with Mary Magdalene for “Accelerating Our Angelic Light” and unifying our global community of Lightworkers.

It would be such an honor for me to support the acceleration of your angelic light on Earth during this LIVE Ceremony.

Hi, I’m Kaia Ra!

My life is in service to activating your direct connection to the Source, which anchors and amplifies your angelic light on Earth.

I’ve been serving as a Divine Feminine leader, speaker, mentor and oracular activist for most of my life. I know how intimidating it may feel to fully commit to your path. This is such a polarized moment for humanity’s evolution, in which global catastrophes and dark agendas seem to be everywhere we look at this time.

The channeled ceremonies that I co-create with the Ascended Masters meet you where you’re at, and then accelerate your divine purpose and empowerment with lighting speed.

Designed to initiate your next-level Higher Self embodiment, this Earth Angel Global Summit is an invitation for you to deeply honor yourself at the gateway of 2019.

This January I want to bless your mission ahead with Mary Magdalene’s empowerments for shining your sovereign angelic light in 2019.



  • Higher Self activations to anchor more of your divinity’s angelic ray on Earth, including how to be an accessible wayshower of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness

  • Information on how the strength of your Higher Self’s angelic technology supports the health of your body and mind in 2019

  • New understanding about your soul’s angelic DNA and the origin of Angelic Orders and Star Nations, how they are intertwined and why that’s so important to your mission and humanity’s evolution

  • Worthiness empowerments for accepting yourself as living, embodied angel worthy of clear and continuous contact with all Angelic Orders that support your mission and will help you influence physical reality

  • A heart chakra upgrade for embodying the Chalice Ray of Communication, which allows for a constant flow of divine guidance for navigating 2019, including how to be at the right place at the right time

  • Blue-Flame Will Power Activations that align your body, heart, and mind to follow through on the important next-steps of your unique angelic mission

  • Quantum timeline blessings to personally and professionally align you with those individuals and communities who are ready to receive your angelic light

  • Practical advice for flexing your angel wings to keep your heart open in all circumstances, with a strong backbone to stand in your truth and power

  • Cellular-soul Activations for strengthening your angelic light bodies, to protect you from psychic toxins, chemical warfare, and mind control agendas

  • Order of Magdalena and Joan of Arc Faith Activation for picking up your sword of personal mastery and spiritual maturity in 2019

Receive the support that you deserve for your Earth Angel mission in 2019


{  Accelerate Your Angelic Light in 2019  }
Only $13