Austin Prosperity Ceremony & SCL Affiliate Training

Celebrate Prosperity, Sophia Circle Leadership, and Our New Affiliate Program!

May 5, 2022 | Austin, TX

WITH OUR Sophia Circle Leaders

May 5th Community Morning Is Open for Enrollment for All 2022 Austin Event Attendees

Join Us Live in Austin for the Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony

In this rare, behind the scenes opportunity, Kaia Ra invites you to experience a channeled ceremony with our highly advanced Sophia Circle Leaders®. Following the Austin Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive, you can join us for an interactive community ceremony that will be co-led by Kaia Ra, the Team Angels, and our certified leaders.

Surrounded by the lush beauty of nature, you’ll lift your wings high in our outdoor Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony. You’ll receive powerful Higher Self Activations from The Sophia Dragons that will expand your heart to accept a greater flow of prosperity in your spiritual leadership. 

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

"When you consciously choose to prosper through your heart-led service, it provides an example for others to know that it is emotionally safe to thrive in their own spiritual journey as well." –Kaia Ra

Meet Our Team Angels and Sophia Circle Leaders

This exclusive community gathering will also include a riveting roundtable with our Sophia Circle Leaders® in which they will share how The Sophia Code ministry has brought a greater flow of abundance to their professional platforms. We’ll be taking your questions live and also unveiling details about our generous new Affiliate Program! 

You’ll also be able to personally meet our seasoned Sophia Circle Leaders and get to know our Team Angels better during our meet and greet portion of this heart opening community gathering dedicated to your prosperous spiritual leadership.

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

May 5th community morning schedule

9 AM Doors Open 

10 AM Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony 

11 AM Sophia Circle Leaders Roundtable and Q&A

12 PM Team Angel Presentation and Meet & Greet Our Sophia Circle Leaders


Emerald prosperity fire ceremony & leadership Roundtable

Join Us from 10 AM – 1 PM Live on May 5 for $222

PLEASE NOTE: The May 5th Austin event schedule is an exclusive purchase for attendees of the May 2-4 Austin Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive. The 9 AM – 1 PM Community Morning schedule is available to all attendees with the purchase of this ticket. The afternoon Affiliate Training schedule is exclusive for Sophia Circle Leaders and our enrolled SCL students.


announcing our first SCL affiliate training!

May 5th, 2 – 6 PM Sophia Circle Leaders Private Afternoon Gathering


Calling All Sophia Circle Leaders to Join Us for Our Community Affiliate Training and Marketing Mastermind

You're Invited to our First Ever SCL Affiliate Training & Marketing Mastermind

The Austin dragon ride continues with an exciting afternoon dedicated to accelerating your Sophia Circle Leadership and expanding your network within our exceptional community of leaders. This live gathering is an exclusive opportunity to mastermind with Kaia Ra, the Team Angels, and our certified Sophia Circle Leaders who are making a significant impact in the world.

We’re thrilled to announce our first ever Sophia Circle Leadership Affiliate Training, which is open for attendance by our certified leaders and 2022 SCL program enrollees. During this afternoon training, you’ll receive co-creative marketing strategies, client service insights, affiliate software tour and training, an overview of affiliate rewards, and a dynamic marketing focused Q&A with seasoned Sophia Circle Leaders.


"Everything about The Sophia Code is here to empower your highest sovereign success. It’s my honor to to unveil our new SCL Affiliate Program that’s designed to bless your clients, your ministry, and our community leaders to thrive in our shared angelic mission." –Kaia Ra

This exciting in-person training will be followed by an SCL Mastermind with practical support and profound insights to build even more momentum for our collective success in our sovereign leadership! Together we’ll raise our resonance of prosperity consciousness and continue to expand the success of our entire community. Discover how your certification can create additional abundance for you while guiding your Sophia Circle® clients to grow with The Sophia Code Mystery School teachings.

012520_KaiaRa_The Sophia Code_1112_LO_F
Kaia Ra at live outdoor event

You're Invited to our First SCL Affiliate Training & Mastermind


attend the live scl affiliate training

Your Affiliate Training Includes the Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony with Kaia Ra

PLEASE NOTE: The May 5th, 2 – 6 PM Austin event schedule is exclusive for Sophia Circle Leaders and students enrolled in the 2022 SCL Certification Program.