A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Love From the Other Side

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Connecting with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

What kind of miracles would be possible if you knew how and allowed yourself to co-create with your loved ones on the other side? There is a great collective calling to understand the depth of support that is available from your guardian angels. Some of your most potent guardian angels include select souls that you have walked with on Earth who have transitioned to the other side. These loved ones can often be viscerally felt in heightened moments of meditation or through “signs” appearing in moments of change.

Experience Kaia Ra Channeling Life Changing Dialogues with Your Loved Ones

Join us for this rare opportunity where Kaia Ra channels messages directly from loved ones on the other side. This event is a dynamic multidimensional community journey for our collective healing, education, and empowerment. Individual audience members will be selected to receive heavenly messages from departed loved ones and their spiritual guides.

A Dynamic Multidimensional Community Journey that Activates Your Intuitive Gifts

Each channeled dialogue will weave together a journey of psychic activation for our community, in which your own intuitive ability to connect with your loved ones on the other side will blossom and expand. Kaia Ra will also be offering supportive teachings and guidance on how to recognize signs, how to differentiate between the voices of your spiritual guides, and how to relax into receiving this much heavenly support in your life. Whether you are seeking greater clarity about a departed loved one or your divine purpose involves intuitive healing, channeling, or spiritual leadership, participating in this exclusive new offering with Kaia Ra will expand your own psychic gifts for accessing all of the loving wisdom that’s waiting for you on the other side.

From My Heart to Yours

“I deeply understand both the profound grief of losing loved ones and the full body joy of reconnecting with their divine light as guardian angels on the other side. It’s been on my heart to facilitate a sacred space that honors the transition of death as a continuation of life for fulfilling our shared destiny and divine purpose. Over decades of spiritual leadership, I have witnessed countless clients instantly shift from unresolved confusion and pain into the light of clarity and renewed purpose once their conscious connection with a departed loved one is reinstated through clear communication. It is my honor to invite you to this inaugural Love From the Other Side event. I look forward to the miracles we will experience LIVE as we co-create this dynamic community journey together.” —Kaia Ra

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Love From the Other Side
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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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