Meditation & Prayer

Presented by The Sophia Code Foundation

Friday | May 19, 2023 | 1:00 PM Pacific

The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective is a free community offering sponsored by The Sophia Code Foundation to share ascension education worldwide. Each monthly gathering is guided by teachings from The Sophia Code book, which is a modern sacred text for how to live in your sovereignty by embodying your Higher Self. 

Facilitated by Kaia Ra, The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective offers guided meditations, community prayer, healing transmissions, and spiritual teachings. Our monthly calls address current events and collective issues that are affecting hearts worldwide. 

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Prayer opens your heart to an inner dialogue with your own divinity and the divinity within all that is. Connecting with the Source of your divinity calls forth miracles in your life! –Kaia Ra

Praying and meditating together as a global community creates a collective wave of healing energy that we send into the world in co-creation with the Ascended Masters and Archangels. 

In The Sophia Code cosmology we express the name of our direct connection with the Source as “Sophia”, but please know that all names for God and Lightworkers of every spiritual path are welcome to join with our hearts in prayer for birthing a new sovereign paradigm on earth.

Details for how to join our monthly call LIVE are sent out when you subscribe to the Kaia Ra Newsletter HERE.

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Free Prayer Collective calls are broadcast live from Zoom Your access links to join us live are sent out via email each month

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