Meditation & Prayer

Presented by The Sophia Code Foundation

Thursday | December 1, 2022 | 10 AM Pacific

The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective is a free community offering made possible by The Sophia Code Foundation. You’re invited to our virtual temple and sacred space to activate your divine genome and learn how to mentor with the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

Each prayer circle call is guided by teachings from The Sophia Code®, a Divine Feminine modern sacred text for embodying your Higher Self. Facilitated by Kaia Ra, The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective is a safe space to open your angel wings and shine your greatest light through prayer, meditation, guided visualization, and quantum healing. Each prayer circle is a dynamic, channeled, and interactive experience that uniquely guides our collective intentions to actively embody and resource our shared divinity.

Our monthly calls address current events and collective issues that are affecting hearts worldwide. We consider it an honor, privilege, and responsibility to gather on behalf of the healing, awakening, and empowerment of humanity.

Praying and meditating as a community amplifies and radiates the light of your Higher Self into a collective wave of healing, intentional energy that we then direct out into the world as guided by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. In our prayer circle we express our direct connection with the Source as ‘Sophia’, but please know that all names of God and Lightworkers of every walk of life are welcome to join with our hearts in prayer for birthing a new paradigm every month of the year.

We welcome your magnificent soul to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective! Subscribe to the Kaia Ra Newsletter HERE to join us in prayer and meditation every month.

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