2022 Live SCL Certification Class

Class with White Buffalo Woman

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | 2 PM Pacific

White buffalo woman

Discover the extraordinary healing power and lightning medicine of White Buffalo Woman guiding us in Class 7 of the 2022 Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program. We’ll explore a full spectrum of heart opening insights that include how to courageously embrace your inner calling to lead others to their sovereignty and why your leadership is essential for a global awakening happening now in the heart of humanity.

You’ll also discover how healing the ancestral wounds of your previous lifetimes as a spiritual leader will empower your voice in this important lifetime to step forward and be seen. In the riveting grace of White Buffalo Woman and the Order of Sky Grandmothers you’ll feel your heart expand, your intuition amplified, and recognize your Higher Self embodiment as a healing gift to this world. 

Lead Sophia Circle Journeys

Have you felt a calling to share The Sophia Code with others? As a Sophia Circle Leader®, you will create a sacred space to support the spiritual awakening of your clients through all 13 chapters of the book. Your Sophia Circle leadership works as a co-creative partnership with the Ascended Masters, facilitating a dynamic space of presence and sovereign self-inquiry for your clients’ personal expansion.

Every gathering in a Sophia Circle Journey® includes altar creations, invocations, blessings, meditation, prayer, journaling, group readings, and community sharing. Our certification training program will teach you how to lead through Sophia Christ consciousness as you deepen in your Higher Self embodiment.

You can apply now for our next live program by filling out an online application HERE. Once we review your application a Team Angel will contact you to schedule a short interview. To learn more and get your questions answered about our 2022 Certification Program, you can schedule a free Team Angel Consultation HERE.

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