Sovereign Awakening New Years Celebration

Online New Years Ceremony & Bonus Sophia Circle Leader Roundtable!


Do You Want to Amplify Your New Years Intentions?

Join Kaia Ra and our international community of Lightworkers for an extraordinary opportunity to activate and amplify your New Years intentions with The Sophia Dragon Tribe! We are naming the spiritual journey of our 2022 events as: “The Year of the Dragons”, to inspire the individual and collective mastery of our worldwide community. Each event is consecrated to the 5 element teachings for understanding your personal sovereignty: Air, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth.

Ready to Explore How Your Sovereignty Is the Key?

The Sovereign Awakening New Year Celebration kicks off our 2022 schedule of “Sovereign Soul Events” for how to embody your Higher Self’s creative power in such polarizing times of change. In this channeled online ceremony with Kaia Ra you’ll experience a dynamic sacred space to invoke your Higher Self intentions for thriving in the New Year.  Uplifted by the Ascended Masters, angelic orders, and a global community of Lightworkers, you’ll integrate the pearls of 2021 and regenerate your heart with powerful insights for prospering in 2022 through your sovereignty.

Receive Blessings and Inspiration from the Seraphim of Air

This New Years ceremony will be guided by The Sophia Dragons’ sovereignty teachings connected to the element of Air. You’ll receive divine genome activations and chakra upgrades that initiate the Air principles of sovereignty within you:

  • Embodying the pristine perspective and lightning insights of your Higher Self
  • Receiving creative inspiration directly from the Source
  • Clear motivation for your manifestation skills
  • Trusting your intuitive gifts to resolve your greatest challenges
  • Codependent-free communication that creates authentic change in your life
  • Moving beyond fears and relaxing into the “Breath of Life”
  • Consecrating your personal awakening to the collective awakening of humanity

Curious About Taking the Next Step In Your Divine Purpose? Join Our BONUS Sophia Circle Leaders Roundtable

Our New Years Celebration also includes a bonus roundtable with Kaia Ra and some of our most dedicated Sophia Circle Leaders. You’ll get to be a part of this riveting community dialogue on how The Sophia Code book is changing lives and transforming hearts worldwide through Sophia Circle Journeys®. This special roundtable on sovereign leadership will be a separate broadcast that you can join earlier in the day.

See You in Ceremony, Angel!

We look forward to celebrating the New Year with you in this life changing ceremony! Your purchase of this event automatically makes you eligible for our LIVE Jewelry Giveaway during the ceremony. You must be in attendance to win.

To view the entire 2022 Events Schedule CLICK HERE.

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