Sovereign Psychic Leadership Training

Sedona, AZ
August 23 – 25, 2022
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

dragons gotta dragon in sedona!

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Are You Ready to Accept that Your Psychic Gifts Are Needed?

Now is the time to fully accept, activate, and integrate your natural leadership abilities which come directly from the Source — especially the inner compass of your psychic intuition. During these pivotal times your clients and community need for you to accept and share your psychic gifts. Your intuitive leadership can change the lives of others, guiding their sovereign empowerment in unexpected and miraculous ways.

The Metal Dragon Teachings Activate Your Psychic Gifts in Service to Sovereignty

This 3-day dynamic intensive with Kaia Ra presents Metal Dragon teachings that release internal blocks and create a clear inner space for accessing the spiritual tools of your soul. Our immersive will build upon the life-changing teachings in our Psychic Development Training Curriculum, turning our gaze outward for serving both individuals and communities from the intuitive knowledge of our eight major chakra system. Your training will include dynamic community engagement, sacred ceremony, and the potential to be on stage for a “Step Up to the Mic Session” with Kaia Ra!

There has never been a more defining moment in history to fully embrace your intuitive spiritual leadership. These extraordinary times are calling forth leaders who recognize that the immediate need for collective transformation requires the ability to discern, envision, and download solutions from beyond the matrix. You’ll uplevel and expand your psychic gifts in a safe community learning environment that will support your spiritual leadership to thrive in sovereignty.


"It is the joy generated by your love of exploring what is important to you that ultimately fulfills your destiny. For your heart, meaningful pursuits include any contribution of leadership and service in any field of interest that inspires you to birth new paradigms of creativity, support or wellbeing for individuals, families, and communities."

—Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 174

Step Up to the Mic LIVE with Kaia Ra

Connecting with selected community members on stage, Kaia Ra will facilitate her signature leadership training: “Step Up to the Mic Sessions”! These riveting LIVE mentor trainings will invoke your inner dragon to own the spotlight, expand your platform, and deliver your message with fierce grace. Discover how owning your creative genius uniquely serves your clients and community to step into their own sovereignty. You’ll receive channeled insights, business tools, communication techniques, marketing strategies, and real life wisdom from the frontlines of a sovereign global movement to empower your highest leadership.

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Sedona 2022 event schedule

Tuesday, August 23rd: Doors Open at 2 PM | Ceremony 3 PM - 7 PM

Wednesday, August 24th: Doors Open at 9 AM | Lunch 12 PM - 1:30 PM | 6 PM

Thursday, August 25th Doors Open at 9 AM | Lunch 12 PM - 1:30 PM | 6 PM

Optional Add-on for Friday, August 26th: Sophia Circle Leadership Celebration Day*

*All Current & Future Leaders are Invited to Join Us! Please RSVP HERE.

Please Note: schedule is tentative and subject to change

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

dragons gotta dragon in sedona!

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Join a community of leaders

Receive the Essential Tools to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Join Kaia Ra for Sovereign Psychic Leadership, our inaugural psychic development training for transformational leaders hosted in sacred Sedona! This ground breaking event builds upon the foundational chakra attunement activations available in our Psychic Development Curriculum and provides you with a multidimensional skillset for taking your client relationships, business platform, and ministry to a quantum next level of success.

Enhance Your Intuition and Psychic Gifts in Sacred Sedona

Whether you’re already embodying your intuitive gifts in service to others or you’re interested in how your intuition can enhance any aspect of your professional development, this year’s Sovereign Psychic Leadership is designed to offer you advanced Lightworker techniques for leading at the frontlines of consciousness. As a sacred site, Sedona was selected for this training due to its ability to clear past life wounds and amplify your present life intuitive abilities.

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

step up to the mic with kaia ra in sedona!

Join Us Live for $1,995 or Virtually for $777

Please note: investment in this event is for the immersive only. Food and lodging is not included.


Accelerate Your Psychic Spiritual Leadership in Sedona with Kaia Ra

During such an intense time of worldwide awakening, psychic spiritual leadership provides an attuned diplomatic approach for:

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frequently asked questions

Your ticket includes event access to all 3 days of our Sedona Leadership Training. Lodging, meals, and transportation are not included. Looking to travel share with others? Contact our Team Angels HERE to access our event forum.

The Sedona Creative Life Center is where we will be facilitating our Sovereign Psychic Leadership Immersive. The center is nestled in fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona.

You can learn more about getting to and from Sedona by visiting the Chamber of Commerce here:




There are no prerequisite curriculums needed to attend this event.

However, we will be focusing on enhanced teachings from the Psychic Development Training throughout this event. 

Please contact us if you would like to bundle the Psychic Development Training Curriculum with your event purchase. Yes! Empowerment payment plans available. For assistance with this event bundle, schedule a free Team Angel Consultation HERE

Volunteer positions are solely reserved for our Sophia Circle Leaders®.


If you are a certified Sophia Circle Leader and are interested in volunteering for this event, contact us HERE.


Click HERE to learn more about becoming a Sophia Circle Leader this year. 

There is no requirement to be on stage with Kaia Ra to participate in this event. Mic participants are voluntarily selected with raised hands requesting to come on stage.

Witnessing the activation of another on stage is a dynamic, multidimensional learning experience in and of itself.  You will gain valuable insight and professional tools through this community learning immersive whether you are participating on stage or not. 

We're confident that everyone selected to be on stage is representing a question from the collective field. Therefore, one person's mic session is a training for all of us, and we fully trust this dynamic process that's being guided by a higher power.

Your enrollment in this event does not guarantee that you will actually participate on stage with Kaia Ra. However, our multidimensional community immersives are guided by the collective consciousness of our attendees in co-creation with the Ascended Masters.

Yes! A virtual access pass is available for this event. However, the virtual access pass will have a limited amount of content. You can contact our Team Angels to learn more HERE

Yes! Our Sedona 2022 Sovereign Psychic Leadership will be broadcast with live French translation. More details will be available soon.

Full Refund requests for any digital product, live event or curriculum must be received within 24 hours from purchase date. Following this date there is a store credit refund for transferring your 2022 Sedona event enrollment to purchase an alternative event, curriculum, or digital download products. Jewelry and altar card sales excluded from store credit transfer.

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