Sophia Circle Leaders® Wild Dolphin Immersive

Caribbean Adventure
July 10 – 16, 2022

You’re Invited to an All-Inclusive VIP Wild Dolphin Adventure with Kaia Ra!

Join Kaia Ra in the crystal clear waters of sovereignty to bless and expand your spiritual leadership in 2022. This curated Wild Dolphin Immersive is an all-inclusive Caribbean adventure limited to 18 certified Sophia Circle Leaders®. Bask in the glow of your community, sink your toes into creative genius masterminds, regenerate in a pod of joy, and soak in the sunset with candlelit dinners by the sea.

Expand Your Capacity for Joy and Prosperity in Leadership

This once in a lifetime opportunity with Kaia Ra includes morning meditation and yoga, channeled group activations, Quan Yin water ceremonies, Hathor prosperity rituals, and dolphin theta empowerments for rebalancing the personal and the professional needs of your life. Dive into the incredible flow of daily catamaran trips with wild dolphins, dynamic masterminds with your fellow Sophia Circle Leaders, and heavenly daily transmissions with The Sophia Dragon Tribe.


Swimming with wild dolphins completely changed my life and leadership. Dolphins have a remarkable capacity for joy, genius creativity, and unconditional love within their community. They're exceptional guides for your spiritual leadership to thrive. –Kaia Ra

Unleash the Water Dragon Within You!

We’ll be also be exploring the blueprint of sovereign prosperity that is inherent to Sophia Circle Leadership, including new ways to multiply your reach and rewards through our Golden Dragon Affiliate Program. Within the healing currents of dolphin medicine we’ll uncover where you may be limiting just how far your leadership can go with The Sophia Code. Join Kaia Ra to discover the joyful water dragon within you and unleash the full sovereign creative power of your limitless potential as a Sophia Circle Leader.

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Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

Unleash your inner water dragon

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