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The Sophia Code® became an international bestseller within 4 days of being published and has remained at the top of its categories since its publication in July 2016. It’s now an international phenomenon, catalyzing a Divine Feminine movement in over 32 countries. The French translation, Le Code Sophia®, is now a bestseller in France as well.

Guided by this sacred text, countless readers have chosen to activate their divine genome and mentor with the Ascended Masters to embody their sovereign divinity. Communities are forming worldwide to read the codex together and become initiated by the Ascended Masters in this modern Mystery School curriculum. Countless reports of unexpected miracles, profound spiritual awakenings, and spontaneous healings have poured in from readers around the world.

These testimonials share that journeying through The Sophia Code has completely shifted their reality – and most importantly, returned them home to a direct relationship with their Source. Get the book today to experience the living transmission for yourself.

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We have a beautiful international community of Lightworkers that are reading the book alongside you! Sign up here to receive Chapter 1 of the Audiobook and a guide for exploring the ascension technology of this living transmission. You’ll also receive an invitation to our private online community forum where you can enjoy social media features such as posts, picture uploads, and focus group discussions for connecting with others about The Sophia Code teachings.

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“The Sophia Code is not only a living transmission but carries the vibration of home for me. It was what I had been searching for without knowing it.”
“The Sophia Code is one of THE most important texts on my Kindle, accompanying me everywhere across the planet, with absolute and relevant support always available at a moment’s notice. Anytime I need to re-ground, and anchor myself in wisdom, I know I can access and rely on the treasure transmissions from the Ascended Masters to illuminate my next step.”
“The Sophia Code Audiobook has been an incredible activation for me. I feel more connected to the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and have felt their presence with me, guiding me in pivotal moments in my life. I have recommended this book to many of my coaching clients and students.”
“The Sophia Code is an exquisite text for anyone seeking to heal trauma and leave behind the patterns of repetition compulsion. Kaia Ra's courage to be vulnerable shines an incredible light upon the world and will be remembered as a pivotal initiation for humanity. This text activated an even deeper level of compassion to be embodied by my soul. I was especially touched to reconnect with the Divine Feminine Masters, Quan Yin and White Buffalo Calf Woman in The Sophia Code. Blessings of the Golden Age of Miracles to ALL!”
“To listen to Kaia Ra’s voice and the energy transmission gives me the opportunity to receive The Sophia Code in such a beautiful and heartwarming way. It brings me an instant connection to my heart, where I can feel compassion and love for all that is, in the world with all my sometimes really hard feelings. It is a miracle.”
“The day that I found The Sophia Code was the day that I came home to myself!”
“All I can say is listening to the Audiobook has been beyond powerful. Hearing Kaia Ra read the words from the heart I felt my whole inner world explode. An emotional journey of finding the truth in me and setting what was free.”
“With this book as my guide for the past two years, I’ve found my voice, my creativity, my value and my worthiness, and I know now in every cell of my being my own holiness, and how I am here to lead”.
“Hearing Kaia reading the words she wrote is like hearing your Mom/Grandmother read you a bedtime story while gently caressing your arm or face while you fall asleep. It is like coming home. I truly can’t get enough.”
“The Sophia Code brought me to my knees in that blissful agony of remembrance. I am on my second read, and taking it more slowly this time around. I have felt so lost and in pain, and being able to turn to The Sophia Code has reminded me I am not alone.”
Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

experience the living transmission of the sophia code audiobook

The Sophia Code Audiobook became an international bestseller the day it was published! It was recorded at the renowned Skywalker Ranch in northern California by Kaia Ra. Surrounded by beautiful ceremonial altars dedicated to the Keycodes, Kaia Ra made daily prayers and offerings as she recorded The Sophia Code.

Listening to the Audiobook supports you to clear unconscious resistances to the life changing truth of your sovereign divinity. Every time you listen to the Audiobook, it supports you to integrate the holy light of your Higher Self and embody the teachings of this modern sacred text with grace. You don’t have to understand how the resonance of the codex is shifting your awareness into a higher frequency for it to be activating you

the sophia code

is a love letter to your sacred heart

This book is a living transmission encoded with direct revelations that activate your divine genome, initiate your Higher Self embodiment, and reveal your important role as a revolutionary Lightworker for humanity’s awakening. Section 1 of the book introduces you to the Divine Mother, The Sophia Code cosmology, and The Sophia Dragon Tribe’s approach for activating your sovereign divinity. In Section 2, you’ll meet specific Ascended Masters that initiate your Higher Self embodiment as they guide you to fulfill your destiny.