KAIA RA is pre-releasing selected Keycode Guided Meditations from her forthcoming book series prior to publication.
Step inside the visionary soundscape of The Sophia Code transmission to awaken your sovereignty.



white-blockwhite-blockFeaturing Meditations from “Keycode 4: Mother Mary Speaks”

Keycode 4: Mother Mary Speaks are transformational guided meditations and ceremonial soundscapes for quantum healing energy, installing new belief systems, and commanding DNA Activations that you can feel on a cellular level.

In a cosmos of unconditional love you meet Mother Mary again and again as a consistent, accessible friend and mentor for your journey of awakening.

Each guided meditation is written in the first-person perspective, for you to read out loud as a personal empowerment of self-initiation. Allow your consciousness to relax and blend with Kaia Ra’s voice to experience this first-person perspective commanding your own empowerment.

Creating shifts at the center of your cellular universe, Keycode 4: Mother Mary Speaks is a visionary soundscape that continues to deepen your DNA activations with every listen. May your journey of awakening be blessed with the steadfast grace of Mother Mary walking by your side.


 “You channel such truth and beauty. Your words are a pure transmission.”

–Caitlin, New York City