Mary Magdalene: You Are an Earth Angel

The Compassion of Your Soul Creates Miracles In This World


Now more than ever it is important to deepen in your daily practice of being the Compassionate Witness for this world’s spiritual awakening. As I share in Chapter 10 of The Sophia Code, the angelic light of your Higher Self is a divine quality of your soul. In the visionary journey of my Keycode 5 Initiation you discover that every helpful virtue associated with a guardian angel already exists within you — as you in human form!

This angelic ray of consciousness that already exists within you, intuitively knows how to create space for the suffering of this world to be transformed — without having to transmute that suffering within your physical body. Your soul’s sovereign divine light is always in communion with the Source and you can always visualize your Higher Self’s angel wings lifting up the suffering of this world to be healed and cleared by that Source of unconditional divine love.

As you discover through my Keycode 5 Initiation in The Sophia Code: every helpful virtue associated with a guardian angel already exists within you — as you in human form!

–Mary Magdalene

Your Higher Self Knows How to Coordinate Miracles

Go within and witness the creative power of your Higher Self’s compassionate healing intentions for this world flowing through you and beyond you to those who need it. This is your angelic consciousness declaring and co-creating solutions that are already on the way for those who are ready to receive miracles and grace. When you command that divine interventions of reconciliation, empowerment, peace, justice, and order are to now unfold — be sure to declare that it is always “for the highest and best good of all.” Give thanks for the power of your Higher Self and the Source flowing through you. Remember that it is the witnessing and invoking of the prayer that is your angelic mission. The perfect, omniscient Source intelligence is actually responsible for creating of all needed manifestations, grace, and downloaded solutions.

As you become more familiar with this compassionate witness of your angelic light, you learn to let go, to stop trying to fix other people, and to trust your Higher Self’s ability to coordinate any and all miracles.

As The Sophia Code reveals, the Compassionate Witness of your Higher Self is a guiding light grace that co-creates miracles with the Source to unfold beyond your human understanding or effort. If your physical action is needed as a contributing factor for an answered prayer, you will be divinely guided by the angelic presence of your Higher Self prompting you to take action on a simple next step from within your heart center. Always remember that your Higher Self is this angelic presence within you. When you ask your Higher Self to be a meaningful contributor to change, it is done. Your Higher Self is an angel that can work on many levels of this multidimensional reality, beyond the reach of your human body and mind.

Embodying Your Higher Self’s Angelic Light

When your awareness or body is called to be a part of the miracle unfolding you will be guided in how to speak up and when to support others without a word. With your angel wings held high, your heart chakra will remain open as the perfect chalice for your Higher Self’s divine light to flow through your every action.

Fulfilling your divine purpose for being here in this lifetime begins by becoming fully present in every present moment to this exceptional angelic light that is already pouring through you. This divine light that is your Higher Self already knows how to serve and how to contribute more love and healing light to all circumstances that you are guided to experience with others.

Your desire to serve and uplift the spiritual evolution of this world is a part of your own ascension journey, or you would not have chosen to incarnate as a living angel on Earth at this time. Take heart, be filled with courageous valor for I am right by your side in this angelic mission that we are all serving for the spiritual activation of humanity’s sovereign divinity.

Keep your wings high and your self-appreciation practice strong. As I share with you in The Sophia Code, I am always with you. You can call upon me as a spiritual guide and mentor at any time to explore the unlimited creative power of your angelic light!

—Channeled by Kaia Ra


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