Year of the Dragon Activations

sophia circle leadership certification

step one

complete all self-mastery activation steps

located in curriculum modules 1 through 8

You will need to complete all of your Self-Mastery Activation steps in each of the eight modules. There are instructions at the top of each module for completing the submission process. Remember to use a Word Document so that you can copy and paste all of your completed homework responses into the student portal data entry fields at the same time. Be sure to refresh your browser before starting. Your Word Doc ensures that your written homework will be safe if there is a technical challenge.

step two

written essay

Complete a 1000-word essay (with 1.5 line spacing)

You can choose to write about one of the following three topics:

Remember this essay assignment is not about perfectionism. The purpose of this essay is to connect with your heart and reflect upon how much you have grown along this journey. This essay is designed to provide a window into your world and helps us understand your communication approach as a facilitator to others.

We’re happy to answer any questions as you’re preparing to write your essay. We invite you to let the pen flow freely, without censoring yourself for several pages. Allow yourself to channel whatever it is that your Higher Self needs to share with us in response to the prompts that we will be providing for the essay.

Your first draft will then be full of content that you can refine to fit into the essay length requirement. Allow your heart to speak freely on the page and then walk away to let the page “breathe”. You can edit and revise at a different time. We recommend allowing the page to breath for 3-7 days before editing what you’ve written.

​Please email your essay as a PDF file attachment to [email protected]. In the subject line please ONLY write: Your First & Last Name – Essay Submittal.

step three

video presentation

Create a 5-7 Minute Video

Please submit a 5-7 minute video sharing about why you want to facilitate Sophia Circles. You are welcome to include as many topics from the list below as you like. Please do not go over the 7 minute limit. Topics may include: