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NO. PLEASE refrain from listening to classes while driving or operating heavy machinery. When you listen to a recording, your consciousness shifts into a theta brain wave state that’s receiving these powerful transmissions through a singular, meditative focus. This shift in consciousness requires your focused attention for full-body integration of the transmissions.
At times, it may feel as though your inner reality is being ‘rearranged’ on every level of your being. Please take heed and listen responsibly to all of your program materials, both live and recorded.

There is so much that you can do throughout our entire journey throughout the Sophia Circle Certification Program. It’s important to know that taking responsibility for your personal integration can start right now in the most simple ways:


Drink More Pure Water

Drink purified or spring-sourced water that you ask your Higher Self to bless for you – before, during, and after our classes together. Simply ask your Higher Self to clear and bless your water and know that it is done. Charging your water with a crystal or a one-word intention is also a great way to integrate the teachings.


Stay Connected to Your Heart Through Mindful Breathing

When challenging feelings and upsetting memories arise, it is always possible to be lovingly present with these energies by focusing upon your breath during heightened cycles of emotional activation / release.


Practice breathing with mindfulness, including breathing all the way into your lower belly. Make it a practice to move your awareness from your head to your heart through the breath. Once a day, commit to focusing on your breath for a full 10-count of inhales and exhales.


The more that you practice consciously breathing, the easier it becomes to harmonize what is transforming within you through alignment, integration, and wholeness.


If you feel your mind spinning into anxiety or fear, focusing solely on the rise and fall of your breathing body will reconnect you to your Higher Self’s voice speaking within your heart. No matter what you are feeling, please know that your Higher Self’s angel wings are always wrapped around you in support. Only divine love is real and your mindful breathing practice will always realign you with that truth beyond all fears.


Self-Compassion Is Key: Be Gentle with Yourself

Self-compassion is how you will continue to bless and lead yourself on your journey of leading others. It’s very important for you to explore how gentle, forgiving, loving, and appreciative you can be with yourself as a Sophia Circle facilitator every day.


Accelerated change asks a lot of us, on every level of our being. There is no greater path for your accelerated spiritual growth than supporting others to spiritually awaken through Sophia Christ consciousness.


The Sophia Code® is a sacred text that hyper-clears and hyper-activates the divine genome and Higher Self operating system within you and your clients. Period. It’s a lightning path for jumpstarting personal and collective evolution. It’s important to never underestimate or minimize how important a self-compassion practice will be for your heart.


We discover in the Stargate 2 Curriculum that your self-care practice will become essential as you continue to lead others through your Higher Self embodiment. Self-compassion is central for your human awareness and body to integrate with the light of your Higher Self. Self-compassion is also essential for how much your perception will shift as you learn how to view the world through the witnessing eyes of a Sophia Circle Facilitator.


You may not always feel comfortable or feel like leadership is a ‘get to’ experience for you during the red hot moments of unexpected transformation. It’s important for you to know that everything that you are feeling is welcome here, even feelings of frustration with your process.


Epiphanies or major breakthroughs may not happen in every circle that you lead and this is OKAY! There is always a divine timing at play that is continually unfolding for your Higher Self embodiment and for the spiritual awakening of your clients. Also this is a deeply felt journey, it’s also not personal, and everything is being guided by Sophia’s perfect divine plan.


Loving yourself with compassion and gentleness is essential for getting the most out of this program and for embodying your sovereignty while leading your clients and community.


Create Your Altar Space

This program is designed to accelerate your greatest empowerment as a Sophia Circle facilitator, which will involve rearranging the universe of your inner world to come into alignment with your heart’s prayer to lead others beyond codependency and through your sovereignty.


Creating a sacred space in your home or office for building an altar allows for your Higher Self consciousness to speak to your human awareness through a physical interface that will help you track your personal integration as a leader, as well as the evolution of your Sophia Circles, every step of The Way.


You will be learning a lot of altar building techniques throughout the course, but for now, please prepare a sacred place in your home or office that you can sit in meditation / prayer with a table or shelf surface that can serve as your Higher Self / Keycode altar throughout this training program. We will discuss more about this during our upcoming classes.


As we will explore more deeply together, in The Sophia Code® cosmology your altar is not meant for worshiping deities outside of yourself. We use altars as multidimensional doorways for:

  • Your Keycode mentors to interface more easily with you in physical reality
  • Filling your home/office with the powerful light and primordial resonance of Sophia Christ consciousness
  • Your human awareness to have a physical touchstone and interface for recognizing, identifying, and integrating the divine guidance of your Higher Self


Receive the Support You Deserve

As your Sophia Circle offering grows and expands, so will every area of your life! Rapid change will always highlight where your constellation of support needs to expand as well.


As you begin this program, it’s important to assess if you have a strong system of support in place such as: healthy friends, a coach or mentor, or even a spiritual counselor that you can resource when your personal expansion brings you into vulnerable – and even uncomfortable – edges of growth.


If there isn’t enough support in your life right now, that’s okay. Be curious. Ask your Higher Self and Sophia to guide you through those important next steps for creating the resources of support that you deserve to receive as you lead others.


Remember that you are asking your clients to grow through the sacred hoop of your Sophia Circle community experiences. Therefore, whatever you are asking of your clients, you must also embody as a practice. (Otherwise, we are not authentically leading through an embodiment practice – which is the Divine Feminine heart of this codex.) We heal and thrive as we receive healthy support from resources that we provide for ourselves within the sacred hoop of community.


It's also important to build friendships here in the Membership Portal with fellow facilitators. When we share about how vulnerable our personal growth can feel, we normalize those feelings for one another. Community heart connections help us encourage one another to move beyond former limitations, resistances, and procrastination to our shared leadership. We are here to celebrate one another’s victories and successes! You may even find yourself befriending future co-creators of Sophia Circles when you extend your hand in friendship.


Be open to the magick of Sophia weaving your heart together with the many hearts in our community that are ready to receive your angelic presence with grace and gratitude.


Expand Your Sophia Circle Success with The Stargate 1 and Stargate 2 Curriculum

I can assure you that although it may feel intimidating, your inevitable expansion is an answered prayer that you can keep up with as you guide others. This program, along with the Stargate 1 and Stargate 2 Curriculums are a complete system of supportive resources for staying in alignment with your continued success.


Stargate 1 is essential for jumpstarting your Higher Self embodiment, authentically mentoring with the Keycode Ascended Masters, and for deeply understanding the very vulnerable your journey that your Sophia Circle clients will be experiencing as they walk through The Sophia Code with you.


Stargate 2 is designed to deeply support you through your greatest fears and anxieties about leading The Way through Sophia Christ consciousness. Further, it opens the floodgates of understanding for how to embody your success, how to create and sustain the important bridge between spirituality and business, and how to navigate the underbelly of Sophia Circle leadership with grace.


I created Stargate 2 for the many talented leaders within our international community to shine their greatest light in this lifetime. It draws from my 20 years of leadership experience and I know that eventually it will become an essential resource for you to reference, again and again, as you expand in your Sophia Circle leadership offering.

No. Please respect that the Sophia Circle Certification Program is a mentorship container designed for those who have a strong YES for being initiated more deeply into The Sophia Code® Mystery School and upcoming brand ambassador program. This is an authentic program for facilitator training — it’s powerful work that needs to be consciously approached and agreed upon with everyone who comes into this container, both spiritually and legally.


Please respect this policy at all times and refrain from sharing the links, downloads, recordings, or comments that you may read from other program members.

For those of you who signed up with your Gmail account — it is helpful to ‘whitelist’ us so that your Certification Program correspondence always arrives in your inbox. A whitelist creates a ‘safe sender’ approval for all of our emails to reach your inbox:


Creating a Whitelist Filter to Receive Your Email for the Sophia Circle Leadership Program

  • Mouse over the Settings menu icon and select “Settings”.
    Click “Filters” and then select “Create a New Filter”.
  • Enter a Filter Name such: “Sophia Circle Emails”
  • Enter the domain name: as the website correspondence that you want to whitelist in the ‘From’ field

There is a menu at the top of each page within the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification curriculum so you can easily access course information and modules. Please please email our Team Angels at [email protected] with any questions.

In your weekly emails, you will often be receiving more than one Module of class materials. Please listen to each Module’s videos in sequence for your first journey through this material. After you journey through all of the material in order, you are welcome to revisit any information as you are intuitively guided.

The class materials are laid out on each module page to build upon one another and prepare your consciousness for multidimensional leadership. Watching all of the videos and doing the Self-Mastery Activation Steps in order will support your integration and prepare you for each Live Q&A Mentorship call.

Due to the large amount of video content on this website, a video may occasionally appear to be missing. If this happens, please clear your cache and refresh the page. You may also try logging in to your membership site through a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

For any technical issues that these suggestions do not solve, please email our Team Angels at [email protected].

In this certification journey we will be gathering together for 6 live mentorship Q&A calls with Kaia Ra, which will occur on Wednesdays at 2 PM PDT.

You will receive call-in access details the Monday before each call.

Please make sure that you add [email protected] to your SafeSender list or WhiteList.

Your Live Q & A Video Replays will be available on the Friday after each live class, and you will be notified by email when they become available.

Upon the review of your approved application materials you will receive an email with a digital copy of The Facilitator’s Manual, your marketing materials, and your official certificate signed and blessed by Kaia Ra.

Stargate 1 is an exceptional multidimensional journey in which you are led into the Sacred Heart of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness with Kaia Ra as your guide. While it is not required that you complete this coursework before leading Sophia Circles, it is recommended that you do finish the Stargate 1 Curriculum journey in a timely manner.


Everything that you are learning about yourself in the Stargate 1 Curriculum will help you deeply understand your clients’ marathon of transformation throughout every gathering of your Sophia Circles. Your highest success as a Sophia Circle facilitator is directly connected to how willing you are to embody these teachings in your own life.

No. The course work must remain on the official certification class website. However, your lifetime access to this membership website will allow for you to revisit these trainings, again and again, to deepen your understanding of the material over time.

All certified Sophia Circle Facilitators have the option of your business / ministry being listed on our official online community forum, the Sophia Membership Portal. This portal is designed for you to connect with our international community on a corporate-free social media platform. Initiates from around the world will be able to browse our listings of Sophia Circle Facilitators and contact you via phone, email, and website.

Upon your approved certification and the documented completion of facilitating your first 13-week Sophia Circle Journey, there is also an opportunity to apply for Official Brand Ambassador of The Sophia Code®. Please email us with any questions.

The Sophia Circle Journeys are designed to be offered as a singular offering or complementary material for personal workshops and healing modalities that are in alignment with The Sophia Code teachings. We do request that if you are using Sophia Circle materials alongside additional offerings that the Sophia Circle portion of your workshop journey is facilitated in its own segment, according to the guidelines of the Facilitator’s Manual.


For example, you could host a Sophia Circle Journey at the beginning of your workshop offering to set the resonance of your workshop to Sophia Christ consciousness or the frequency of a specific Keycode mentor. Complete the reading / sharing protocols as found in the manual and then take a 15-minute or lunch break before commencing with the next segment of your workshop offering.
By beginning with The Sophia Circle Journey, you invite your clients into a deeper space to receive the teachings and offerings that you are already providing them from a centered and powerful perspective of their own Higher Self.


When marketing your offerings, we also ask that the price of The Sophia Circle be listed as $33 when breaking down the cost of your additional offerings/teachings. We go into much greater detailed instructions of this in your Module class materials. For any additional questions related to incorporating your personal lightwork with The Sophia Circle Journeys, please feel free to reach out to our Team Angels at [email protected].

Both the manual and the text within The Sophia Code® is copyright material, registered in the Library of Congress, which cannot be reproduced in audio or video format without Kaia Ra’s written permission. We thank you for your understanding that certification does not include copyright permission for recording readings from The Sophia Code®.


Therefore, the protocol for hosting a virtual Sophia Circle is that all students must attend class LIVE through your online video platform. It is illegal to record any class calls and distribute or market a replay call.


Thank you so much for your respect, understanding and strict adherence to this request.

Kaia Ra Gold Lotus

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 Monthly Broadcast Information, Links, and Phone Numbers are provided through email when you subscribe to The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective list.

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