A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

May 5th Austin Prosperity Ceremony & SCL Affiliate Training

May 5th Austin Community Morning Gathering 9 AM – 1 PM Available to Attendees of the Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive In this rare, behind the scenes opportunity, Kaia Ra invites you to experience a channeled ceremony with our highly advanced Sophia Circle Leaders®. Following the May 2-4 Austin Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive, on the morning of May 5th, you can join us for an interactive community ceremony that will be co-led by Kaia Ra, the Team Angels, and our certified leaders. Surrounded by the lush beauty of nature, you’ll lift your wings high in our outdoor Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony. You’ll receive powerful Higher Self Activations from The Sophia Dragons that will expand your heart to accept a greater flow of prosperity in your spiritual leadership. 9 AM Doors Open 10 AM Emerald Fire Prosperity Ceremony 11 AM Sophia Circle Leaders Roundtable and Q&A 12 PM Team Angel Presentation and Meet & Greet Our Sophia Circle Leaders SCL Affiliate Program Training & Mastermind* 2 – 6 PM Exclusive for Sophia Circle Leaders and Enrolled Students We’re thrilled to announce our first ever Sophia Circle Leadership Affiliate Training, which is open for attendance by our certified leaders and 2022 SCL program enrollees. During this afternoon training, you’ll receive co-creative marketing strategies, client service insights, affiliate software tour and training, an overview of affiliate rewards, and a dynamic marketing focused Q&A with seasoned Sophia Circle Leaders. *PLEASE NOTE: The May 5th Austin event schedule is an exclusive purchase for attendees of the May 2-4 Austin Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive. The 9 AM – 1 PM Community Morning schedule is available to all attendees with the purchase of this ticket. The afternoon Affiliate Training schedule is exclusive for Sophia Circle Leaders and our enrolled SCL students.

A first time event for the Mystery School, this Opening Ceremony will launch our upcoming 2022 SCL Certification Program with Kaia Ra LIVE and In-Person! This  beautiful outdoor gathering will occur on May 5th, the day after the Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Immersive. This ceremony will be hosted on the same event grounds in Austin.

Join Kaia Ra, the Team Angels, and your SCL community member to receive training, tips, and marketing tools for our newly launched SCL Affiliate Program. Together we’ll take a quantum leap forward in prosperity consciousness and continue to expand the success of our entire community.

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