A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Activate Your Angel Wings

Unfurl the spiritual technology of your Higher Self’s angel wings with Mary Magdalene as your spiritual guide. This beautiful activation ceremony invokes your soul’s light to expand beyond your heart chakra into the radiance of your angelic embodiment. You’ll discover the many facets of divine attributes that already exist within you that are designed to serve the awakening of humanity.

Experience greater ease, self-acceptance, and self-love as Mary Magdalene guides you in how to release unworthiness and courageously step into the truth of who you really are as a living angel on Earth. This life changing ceremony has activated Lightworkers around the world to lift their wings high and step forward to be seen in their radiant light. Discover how self-acceptance completely transforms your ability to love and honor yourself for the purpose that you came here to serve! Activation includes a 2-hour ceremony and community Q&A for only $33. In the Activate Your Angel Wings you will:
  • Strengthen your Higher Self connection and deepen in your intuition
  • Activate the angelic attributes of your divinity and unfurl the spiritual technology of your Higher Self’s angel wings
  • Meet Mary Magdalene as a spiritual guide for fulfilling your divine purpose in this lifetime
  • Discover how to transform wounds of unworthiness through a daily practice of self-acceptance and self-love to empower your angelic mission

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