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Creatrix Cross Earrings

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1.7 x .79 x 0.04″ | 44 x 20 x 1 mm

Wearing these Creatrix Cross Earrings will amplify your connection to the natural elements and the earth.

These lightweight elegant earrings will inspire:

  • Your heart connection with White Buffalo Woman and the Star Grandmothers
  • The creative activation of your sacral and heart chakra connection
  • Trusting in your Higher Self’s creative process and divine timing
  • Harnessing the elemental power of the Four Directions
  • Replacing feelings of self-doubt with self-confidence
  • Creative communion with the natural world
  • Receiving divine guidance from Sophia Gaia
  • Faith in the power of prayer and manifestation
  • Exceptional precious metal craftsmanship on earrings: 925 Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver

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Creatrix Cross Earrings by Kaia Ra Jewelry

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