A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Divine Mother Meditation Card

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Beautify your sacred space and set the intention for your meditation practice with the Divine Mother Prayer from page 3 of The Sophia Code®. This 2-sided gold embossed card designed by Kaia Ra connects you with the light and primordial space of Divine Feminine principles within you. Easy to memorize, saying this prayer helps you focus upon receiving inner guidance, healing, and unconditional love directly from your Source.

  • Sacred geometry helps you focus upon your creative power to manifest
  • Reading the engraved prayer aloud helps you transcend limitations and challenges by resourcing your heart connection with the Divine Mother and your Higher Self
  • Gold embossed design on luxurious card stock inspires success, receptivity, and radiance
  • Egyptian Ankh represents eternal life, spiritual protection, prosperity, and joy
  • Black background: Opens your heart to a Divine Feminine primordial womb transmission
  • White background: Opens your heart to a Divine Feminine transmission of sovereign light
  • Helps to heal and empower your relationship with the Divine Mother as the Source of all life
  • Use as an inspiring spiritual tool or as elegant decor

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