Embody Your Sovereignty Activations

Walk through the temple gates to receive life changing Activations with the Ascended Masters, including: Isis, Mary Magdalene, and Saint Joan of Arc! This transformational ceremony supports you in how to express healthy boundaries for unapologetically stepping into your sovereign power and fulfilling your purpose. You’ll reestablish trust in the grace and discernment of your Higher Self, which is the wholeness that is guiding you from within.⁣

In this visionary guided meditation, you’ll also receive Higher Self Activations that heal blockages to receptivity and deepen your intuition for navigating these pivotal times of change. Each Keycode mentor will help you release collective fear and simultaneously activate your 8-chakra system with the divine attributes that are essential for courageously embodying your sovereignty. Activation includes a 2-hour ceremony and community Q&A for only $33. In the Embody Your Sovereignty Activations you will:
  • Experience the invincible resonance of your sovereign divinity that’s capable of creating an empowered relationship with life
  • Receive Higher Self Activations that support the expansion of your intuition, discernment, and the ability to communicate healthy boundaries from your sovereignty
  • Get inspired with important insights on how your personal success is directly connected to the spiritual awakening of humanity
  • Journey to the Temple of Sophia and meet with Joan of Arc, Isis, and Mary Magdalene to empower your purpose with their helpful insights and support

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