Hathor Initiation

In the Keycode 2 initiatory journey: “Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality”, you’ll be guided by Ascended Master Hathor as a radiant Divine Feminine mentor for activating the power of your voice, embodying your intuition, and discovering the unlimited abilities of your multidimensional self. You’ll explore the creative magnetism of your words and the quantum universe of your divine genome as Hathor guides you to release limiting belief systems about your miraculous human potential.

Downloadable MP3 File | Please note: while this Keycode Initiation is also recorded within the The Sophia Code® Audiobook, this MP3 recording provides much easier access for playing this content on multiple media player platforms.
  • Meet Hathor as an exceptional Ascended Master teacher for your unlimited human potential
  • Visionary guided meditation to activate the power of your voice for manifestation
  • Activates and harmonizes the sacral and throat chakra

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