A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Higher Self Embodiment Activations

In this visionary guided meditation, you’ll receive spiritual healing for reclaiming Divine Feminine practices and principles that help you accept your intuition, step into your sovereignty, and honor your creative personal power. The Higher Self Embodiment Activations also provide past life healing that creates space for your greatest potential to emerge in this lifetime.

You’ll also meet Ascended Masters from The Sophia Code that are important spiritual guides for reclaiming the Divine Feminine principles of receptivity, faith, self-love, prosperity, and creative genius in your life. These beloved teachers are here to guide you heart-to-heart in your spiritual journey, supporting you to embrace the sovereignty of your Higher Self. These powerful Activations include a 2-hour ceremony and community Q&A, while also preparing you for the life changing material in the Stargate 1 Curriculum for only $33. In the Higher Self Embodiment Activations, you will:
  • Get Divine Feminine insights for creating greater alignment with your Higher Self
  • Receive empowerments that release resistances to essential Divine Feminine principles within you
  • Activate your intuitive gifts and creative personal power to expand through self-love
  • Create heart connections with the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Code as spiritual guides for living in the sovereignty of your Higher Self

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