A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Isis Initiation

In the Keycode 1 initiatory journey: “Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of Your Humanity”, you’ll be guided by Ascended Master Isis to explore the radiance of your soul’s sovereign divine light. You’ll release past life vows and old beliefs systems that may be holding you back in this lifetime. Activates your root chakra as a foundational inner temple for embodying your true worth. Inspires your Higher Self embodiment with channeled mantras for activating the Tree of Life chakra system within you. You’ll love meeting winged Isis within her pyramid of light!

Downloadable MP3 File | Please note: while this Keycode Initiation is also recorded within the The Sophia Code® Audiobook, this MP3 recording provides much easier access for playing this content on multiple media player platforms.
  • Meet Isis as a radiant Ascended Master teacher of sovereign empowerment
  • Activates your root chakra with foundational beliefs of worthiness and self-love
  • Journey through the Tree of Life chakra system to align with your true divine nature

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