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Isis Winged Prophecy Cuff

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Small/Medium: 1.8 x 2.3 x 0.24″ | 46 x 58 x 6 mm

Medium/Large: 1.96 x 2.44 x 0.24″ | 50 x 62 x 6 mm

Inspired by the glory of ancient Egypt, this stunning hand carved Isis Winged Prophecy Cuff hand encircles your wrist in the protective wings of Isis’ sacred kite hawk and the Ankh of life. Engraved with the mantra from page 89 of The Sophia Code®: “I am the perfect Sophia Christ light from which my body arises as an answered prophecy. I Am That.” —Isis Keycode 1 Initiation. This Cuff Inspires:

  • Your direct mentorship with Ascended Master Isis
  • Self-confidence for expanding in your leadership or ministry
  • Staying centered and grounded in fulfilling your divine purpose
  • Embodying your authentic expression and courageously speaking your truth
  • Releasing codependency to live in the success of your sovereignty
  • Receiving spiritual wisdom teachings from the natural world
  • Self-mastery of your psychic gifts, intuitive abilities, and ceremonial offerings
  • Trusting the spiritual protection of your Higher Self and Isis as you lead
  • The Egyptian Ankh symbolizes eternal life, prosperity, and joy
  • The Kite Hawk is a sacred totem and messenger of Isis

This stunning cuff provides a daily touchstone for integrating the teachings of Isis from The Sophia Code®. Every time you wear this magnificent jewel you’ll feel Isis’ wings of grace surrounding your heart in her guiding light!

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