Legacy of Love Activations

Mother Mary Is Here to Guide Your Legacy
In our channeled “Legacy of Love” Activations, you’ll meet Mother Mary as a radiant spiritual guide that can help lead you to the answers of your divine purpose, because she helps you listen to the inner voice that knows these answers … the voice of your own heart! In this powerful online gathering you’ll receive channeled messages, chakra activations, and spiritual guidance from Mother Mary that will open your heart to the gifts and empowerment that’s awaiting you in 2023.
In the Legacy of Love Activations with Mother Mary you will:
  • Receive channeled step-by-step guidance for fulfilling your important divine purpose
  • Get Higher Self Activations & Chakra Attunements from Mother Mary
  • Experience a channeled astral journey with Kaia Ra to reclaim your power from parallel lifetimes lived during previous Golden Ages
  • Clear unconsciously held oaths and vows that have kept you in time loops of cosmic drama and divisiveness

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