Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations

Celebrate your sovereignty with the Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations. Lion’s Gate is as an ancient Egyptian holiday dedicated to personal empowerment, fulfilling your destiny, and welcoming abundance in every area of your life. These riveting Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations will create new levels of prosperity consciousness within you for thriving in these pivotal times of change. You’ll feel the stargate open as your heart aligns with the powerful energy of Sirius supporting your soul’s radiance to shine in your divine purpose. In this sacred time of ceremonial channeling and spiritual healing, you’ll be guided by Ascended Master Isis who is an exceptional mentor for owning your true worth. Within her loving wings, you’ll also receive a healing transmission from the Sirian White Lions for prospering beyond old belief systems with unshakable faith. You’ll explore the source of true wealth and why living from prosperity consciousness is essential for teaching humanity how to thrive in a new sovereign paradigm. In the Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations you will:
  • Meet Ascended Master Isis and the Sirian White Lions as spiritual guides for receiving greater abundance in your life
  • Experience a sacred space of spiritual healing that will support you to clear unknown resistances to your success
  • Receive channeled chakra activations that allow for prosperity consciousness to flow more freely and expand within you
  • Step into an amplified learning experience alongside a global community of Lightworkers as we claim the true source of wealth consciousness
“I am a holy human being created to breathe the Breath of Life with appreciation for my true worth. I now accept the breath of my own Holy Spirit as the infinite wealth of my divine inheritance” – Isis, The Sophia Code Pg 84

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