A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Love From the Other Side

Join us for this rare opportunity where Kaia Ra channels messages directly from loved ones on the other side. This event is a dynamic multidimensional community journey for our collective healing, education, and empowerment. Individual audience members will be selected to receive heavenly messages from departed loved ones and their spiritual guides. Kaia Ra will also be offering supportive teachings and guidance on how to recognize signs, how to differentiate between the voices of your spiritual guides, and how to relax into receiving this much heavenly support in your life.

Ready to explore how your sovereignty is the key? Join Kaia Ra and our international community of Lightworkers for an extraordinary opportunity to activate and amplify your New Years intentions with The Sophia Dragon Tribe! The Sovereign Awakening New Year Celebration kicks off our 2022 schedule of “Sovereign Soul Events” for how to embody your Higher Self’s creative power in such polarizing times of change. 

This New Years ceremony will be guided by The Sophia Dragons’ sovereignty teachings connected to the element of Air. In this channeled online ceremony with Kaia Ra you’ll experience a dynamic sacred space to invoke your Higher Self intentions for thriving in the New Year: 

  • Embodying the pristine perspective and lightning insights of your Higher Self
  • Receiving creative inspiration directly from the Source
  • Clear motivation for your manifestation skills
  • Trusting your intuitive gifts to resolve your greatest challenges
  • Codependent-free communication that creates authentic change in your life
  • Moving beyond fears and relaxing into the “Breath of Life”
  • Consecrating your personal awakening to the collective awakening of humanity
  • BONUS Sophia Circle Leaders Roundtable with select leaders
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