Magdalene Heart Immersive (Full Payment)


Join us in Marseille, in the south of France, for this channeled 2-day Magdalene Heart Immersive with Kaia Ra LIVE. Come activate the spiritual powers of your heart chakra with key spiritual guides from the Order of Magdalena: Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary. This unique in-person gathering honors your heart connection to the Magdalene ministry that originated in the south of France and continues to this day through your own hearts’ prayer to lead ‘The Way’! The Magdalene Heart Immersive will offer you a riveting sacred space to amplify your own direct connection with each of these Divine Feminine teachers, to bask in the living transmission of The Sophia Code, and to create life changing relationships with your international community of Lightworkers. Kaia Ra will be presenting highlighted teachings on the spiritual powers of the heart chakra from her forthcoming book “Mother Mary Speaks” and guiding us through channeled meditations, live Q&A, dynamic community exercises, and ceremonial activations. You’ll be empowered with the spiritual tools, teachings, and revelations from the Heart of the Magdalenes uplifting your own heart’s prayer to make a big impact in this lifetime. The Magdalene Heart Immersive Includes:
  • Opening Evening Channeled Ceremony with Kaia Ra & Sophia Circle Leaders®
  • Dynamic Community Dialogue and Q&A with Kaia Ra
  • Spiritual Tools & Teachings for Your Magdalene Heart Ministry
  • Channeled Heart Activations and Guided Meditations
  • Dynamic Community Interactive Exercises
  • Gather in the south of France where Mary Magdalene began her own ministry
  • Closing Channeled Ceremony to honor our first gathering in Magdalene’s footsteps
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