Mary Magdalene Initiation

In the Keycode 5 initiatory journey: “Accessing Your Inner Angels of Self-Mastery”, you’ll discover nine angelic attributes of your Higher Self. In this guided meditation with Mary Magdalene, you’ll receive important insights and spiritual healing for embodying divine love instead of fear in every present moment. Unfurl your angel wings, activate your throat chakra, and connect with your divine purpose in this lifetime.

Downloadable MP3 File | Please note: while this Keycode Initiation is also recorded within the The Sophia Code® Audiobook, this MP3 recording provides much easier access for playing this content on multiple media player platforms.
  • Meet beautiful Mary Magdalene to activate the angelic attributes of your Higher Self
  • Discover your 9 Inner Angels of self-mastery for living in your highest potential
  • Invoke the power of your throat chakra to connect with your divine purpose

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