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Mother Mary Sacred Flame Activations

The Sacred Flame Activations with Mother Mary will open your heart to fulfill your divine purpose. You’ll address unconscious resistances to being seen as a leader and step into the self-confidence of your sovereignty with Mother Mary by your side. This visionary guided meditation introduces you to the Order of Sacred Flames, which are angelic beings that activate divine qualities within you.

Within Mother Mary’s guiding light, you will receive 13 sacred flame activations that empower you to recognize the worthiness of your gifts, talents, intelligence and creativity. Surrounded by angelic grace, you’ll explore your deeper calling in this lifetime and how to courageously act upon it. You’ll also receive spiritual healing for past life wounding so that you can access your unlimited personal power to make a significant difference in the world. These super charged leadership Activations include a 2-hour ceremony and community Q&A, while also preparing you for the life changing material in the Stargate 2 Curriculum for only $33. In the Mother Mary Sacred Flame Activations, you will:
  • Meet Mother Mary as an important and accessible spiritual mentor for fulfilling your divine purpose
  • Get important insights on how your divine purpose is fulfilled through co-creation with the Source, your Higher Self, and your spiritual guides
  • Receive 13 sacred flame activations that empower and support you embracing your gifts, talents, and leadership
  • Connect with angelic guides that keep you focused upon your sovereign creative power to make a significant difference in the world

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