A Prayer For Maui & A Personal Statement from Kaia Ra

Shamballah Golden Age Activations

In this powerful channeled ceremony you’ll receive radiant Higher Self Activations that integrate the gifts, talents, and wisdom you’ve cultivated in previous Golden Ages on this planet. You’ll travel with the Ascended Masters to receive these activations in the Dragon Heart Temple of an enlightened civilization called Shamballah. This visionary guided meditation invites you to remember a time in which The Sophia Dragons once taught exceptional Mystery School students in temples built upon cloudline mountain peaks. In this cellular soul remembrance of your divine purpose in other lifetimes, you’ll experience a quantum soul retrieval with important Sovereignty Activations that simultaneously amplify your important intentions for the new year. The Sophia Dragons will help you release what no longer serves you in this lifetime as they accelerate your ability to solely focus upon the sovereign success of your divine purpose in this lifetime. We are each being called to awaken as sovereign Wayshowers in these pivotal times of change. Discover the Golden Dragon master of light within you in this epic return to Shamballah as you meet The Sophia Dragons’ love for you, eye to eye and heart to heart. The Shamballah Golden Age Activations, you’ll receive Activations and Chakra Upgrades for:
  • Embodying the pristine perspective and lightning insights of your Higher Self
  • Receiving creative inspiration directly from the Source
  • Clear motivation for your manifestation skills
  • Trusting your intuitive gifts to resolve your greatest challenges
  • Codependent-free communication that creates authentic change in your life
  • Moving beyond fears and relaxing into the “Breath of Life”
  • Consecrating your personal awakening to the collective awakening of humanity

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