Sophia Chakra Activations

The Sophia Chakra Activations offer a profound spiritual healing journey for your 8-major chakra system. This ceremony creates the space for you to directly experience Sophia’s light awakening within every part of your being. As you receive Sophia’s light of unconditional divine love, your chakras will open and align with embodying more of your soul’s light.

In this visionary meditation, you’ll discover a clear inner path for direct communion with the Source. In that journey, you’ll also learn more about your Higher Self and how this part of your soul is manifesting your body every day through divine love. As each of your chakras are activated, you’ll deepen in your understanding of Divine Feminine communion, which is essential for self-love, personal empowerment, and discernment. Activation includes a 2-hour ceremony and community Q&A for only $33. In the Sophia Chakra Activations you will:
  • Open and align your chakras for embracing your direct connection with the Source
  • Discover the light of your soul as the Source of your deepest wisdom, greatest love, and most profound offering
  • Receive important insights on how your Higher Self is guiding your purpose through daily intuitive messages that you receive through your chakras
  • Establish a clear understanding of direct communion to empower your prayer and meditation practice

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