Sovereignty Sessions

The Sophia Dragon Tribe is calling us to gather as a global community of Earth Angels to activate the resonance of sovereignty worldwide. The Sovereignty Sessions is an 8-session video curriculum that you can watch at your own pace.

The Sovereignty Sessions is an 8-session video curriculum which includes channeled Higher Self Activations, next-level teachings on sovereignty and psychic attunements on discernment, insights on spiritual leadership, somatic movement, creative community building exercises, and live Q&A with Kaia Ra.

The Sovereignty Sessions has 8 video sessions, with over 8 hours of exclusive video teachings:
  • Session 1 – The Sovereignty Paradigm: Taking Care of Your Own Heart First
  • Session 2 – Becoming a compassionate Witness of Sovereignty
  • Session 3 -The Blueprint of Sovereignty: Spiritual Infancy vs Spiritual Maturity
  • Session 4 -The New Sovereign Paradigm: Feeling All of Your Feelings
  • Session 5 -the Truth About Sovereign Self Mastery: Overcoming the Inner Punisher
  • Session 6 – Sovereignty Through Service: Activating Your Divine Purpose
  • Session 7 – Your Sovereign Relationship to Leadership
  • Session 8 – Sovereign Leadership: Wings Up!
Empower your divine purpose and deepen your connection with The Sophia Dragon Tribe with this Mystery School curriculum.

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