The Sophia Code Activations Package

Receive every Higher Self Activation from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® in this all-inclusive super charged package series. The Activations series is designed to compliment and build upon the first (8) Keycode Initiations in The Sophia Code book. Once you have completed all Keycode Initiations, this series continues to strengthen and expand your Higher Self embodiment with additional teachings, spiritual healing, and practical insights. These visionary guided meditations provide essential spiritual support for navigating such an important and pivotal lifetime.

Every Higher Self Activation ceremony in this series builds upon one another and it is best to listen to the playlist in order for the first time. After completing the Activations journey in order, you’re invited to revisit any ceremony as you are intuitively guided. Every time you listen to an Activation video, you’ll experience deeper integration of the empowerments and additional insights from such an abundance of channeled teachings. This exceptional series provides a wealth of information and spiritual healing that you can return to often as a resource for growing in your Higher Self embodiment.
  1. Higher Self Embodiment Activations for reclaiming and honoring Divine Feminine principles and spiritual practices
  2. Sacred Heart Flame Activations from Mother Mary for stepping into your divine purpose and spiritual leadership
  3. Magdalene Vajrayogini Activations for discovering and accessing the universal Divine Feminine principles of spiritual awakening
  4. Activate Your Angel Wings with Mary Magdalene to embody the angelic light of your Higher Self
  5. Sophia Chakra Activations for filling your 8 major chakra system with the light of your Higher Self
  6. Divine Purpose Activations from The Sophia Dragons® for fulfilling your important destiny in these pivotal times of change
  7. Embody Your Sovereignty® Activations with Joan of Arc and Mary Magdalene for expanding your spiritual discernment and stepping into your angelic mission
  8. Sophia’s Grace Activations for accessing inner peace through your clear connection to the Source
  9. Unshakable Faith Activations with Mary Magdalene and Saint Joan of Arc for amplifying your faith and expanding your intuitive capacity to act upon divine guidance
  10. Hathor Ankh of Life Activations for embodying the unlimited potential of your sovereign divinity, releasing past wounds to reclaim your joy, and expanding through spiritual leadership
  11. Lion’s Gate Prosperity Activations for creating new levels of prosperity consciousness, fulfilling your destiny and welcoming abundance in every area of your life

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