The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® Offers:

  •  Awakens The Sophia Code divine genome of crystalline chromosomes within you to begin interfacing with your carbon-based DNA

  •  Facilitates quantum leaps forward in your personal growth that are easy to integrate

  •  Activates your innate spiritual technology for receiving an ever-increasing download and anchoring of your own Higher Self’s Christ Light at a cellular level within you

  •  Initiates your personal willingness and daily commitment to embody your Higher Self

  •  Receive direct revelations from the Divine Feminine Christ Keycode mentors of The Sophia Code cosmology

  •  Activates a conscious dialogue between your human awareness and your Higher Self for receiving daily divine guidance

  •  Creates sovereign relationships with your favorite Ascended Master mentors as your personal support team for spiritual awakening

  •  Visionary meditations nurture your own ability to receive direct revelations from the Source


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    This series of high-frequency Initiations provide a modern-day mystery school curriculum for being directly initiated by the Keycode mentors of The Sophia Dragon Tribe®, who are exceptional teachers for embodying Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. Each Initiation provides a spiritual technology that creates an oracular, visionary sanctuary for you to palpably experience the sovereign power of your Higher Self and the presence of the Ascended Masters mentors overlighting your heroic human journey.

    Recorded directly from The Sophia Code book in Kaia Ra’s own voice, the Initiations provide a living transmission for you to engage with these Ascended Master mentors in a revolutionary new way: eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart as equals in sovereignty, to receive their returning revelations on Divine Feminine Christ consciousness from across the ages.

    This exceptional Initiation Series showcases the unique approach that each Keycode mentor offers for calibrating your awareness to the truth and power of your own sovereign divinity. In their quantum sanctuary of multidimensional healing and unconditional love, you are guided in how to lay down unconscious belief systems that may be sabotaging your success.

    Further, the Initiations download a Divine Feminine Christ blueprint of new belief systems directly from your Higher Self that awaken The Sophia Code within you: activating the divine genome of crystalline chromosomes that surround your carbon-based DNA. These Initiations are attunements for activating and balancing your own embodiment of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Christ consciousness, preparing The Way for your own embodied leadership for our current global awakening.

    In this living transmission you are invited to be initiated by the Divine Feminine Christ teaching embodiments of: Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and The Sophia Dragons – who are the high seraphim of the Holy Mother Sophia – as overlighting mentors for your heroic human journey.



    white-block Keycode 1:  The Isis Initiation
    “Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of Your Humanity”


    • Meet Isis as a powerful mentor, friend, and guide for claiming your sovereign divinity

    • Deep cellular-soul clearing of religious oaths, vows, and self-effacing belief systems from all your lifetimes

    • Journey up the Kabbala Tree of Life to claim your divinity as a sovereign creator

    • Activates the divine qualities of Keycode 1 within you


    “Thank you for welcoming me as a friend and guide for your heroic human journey. I come in the fullness of my sovereign power so that you may receive a clear reflection of this same power within you. I am*Isis, and in my wings you are safe to unfurl your own – to fly free in the vista of your sovereignty.”

    *Isis Speaks, The Sophia Code


    Keycode 2: The Hathor Initiation
    “Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality”


    • Discover Hathor as an extraordinary mentor, friend, and guide for joyfully embodying the unlimited divinity of your humanity

    • Initiates you to consciously live in electro-ecstatic union with all your parallel incarnations

    • Bridges the four main nucleotides in your carbon-based DNA to be operated by The Sophia Code divine genome

    • Activates the divine qualities of Keycode 2 within you


    “As your mentor, I mirror to your consciousness that all knowledge about this quantum Universe exists as a blueprint within your own DNA. To access the encoded power of your divine nature you must step inside the halls of your DNA’s atomic universe and command your awakening through the power of your own voice.”

    Hathor Speaks, The Sophia Code


    “I’m thoroughly enjoying the Initiations. I love your voice, humor, and the ease of your powerful teachings. I especially love Hathor’s transmission. As a massage therapist, I’m also seeing shifts in how I work with my clients. Thank you for being you. I’m so grateful for your teachings.”



    Keycode 3: The Green Tara Initiation
    “It Is Safe to Create Your Heaven on Earth”


    • Visionary Vajrayana transmission for clearing and strengthening both the ascending and descending kundalini pathways for the Holy Spirit within you

    • Sound healing activation with Green Tara’s sanskrit mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA

    • Meet Green Tara as maha mentor for embodying your Higher Self through a Divine Feminine approach to your relationship with life.

    • Receive Green Tara’s new canon for awakening the 21 Emanations of Tara as the divine qualities of Keycode 3 within your divine genome

    “I mentor your human awareness to fully enjoy and embody your earthy life while remaining in continuous communion with your innate divinity. I speak of ‘enlightenment’ lightly, for too much has been made about a pure state that has never left you. Can you hear my laughter? I hold the weight of the Universe within a single atom, how much lighter shall we hold a concept such as enlightenment?”

    Green Tara Speaks, The Sophia Code


    Keycode 4: The Mother Mary Initiation
    “Destiny Is a Promise You Made to Yourself”


    • Experience a heavenly meeting with Mother Mary as your loving friend and advocate for fulfilling your Divine Purpose

    • Journey through the architecture of your own soul: discover how the fabric of your Oversoul and Higher Self manifests your humanity

    • Receive Keycode 4 activations for embodying your Higher Self as three aspects of the Holy Spirit within you

    • Identifies Divine Feminine attributes of how you naturally receive intuitive guidance to fulfill your destiny

    white-block“Thank you for meeting me, eye-to-eye, in this courageous moment of inner communion. My highest delight is to be recognized as an equal in your eyes, so that you may experience me as an ally, close friend, and divine reflection for your human journey. I have much more to offer you as an accessible, living friend than as a antiquated statue of worshiped stone!”

    Mother Mary, The Sophia Code


    “Mother Mary comes through strong in this Initiation … it helped me to clearly see her for the first time.
    I felt the DNA activations prominently in my left leg. I thank you and honor your dedication to these teachings.”



    Keycode 5: The Mary Magdalene Initiation
    “Accessing Your Inner Angels of Self-Mastery”


    • Meet Mary Magdalene as a powerful and accessible Divine Feminine Christ mentor for embodying your Higher Self as a wayshower for others

    • Journey through the temple of your true divine nature to receive nine initiations from your inner angels of self-mastery

    • Baptismal ceremony with Mary Magdalene and the Order of Magdalena to activate Keycode 5 within you

    • Mary Magdalene channels Kali Ma in this oracular rite of passage


    “The answer to your great asking is this: there is a single free will choice that must be made — everyday — for you to fulfill your destiny and live in peace. This single choice governs, directs, and guides all other daily choices, therefore, this choice is the only one that matters …”

    Mary Magdalene, The Sophia Code


    Keycode 6: The Quan Yin Initiation
    “Soothe Your Awakening with Self-Compassion”


    • Discover the radical, piercing white light of Quan Yin’s powerful love and unconditional compassion for your ascension journey

    • Visionary invitation to meet your Inner Child within a karuna compassion healing ceremony

    • Awakens Keycode 444: The Phoenix Child within you

    • Profound initiation with Quan Yin to anchor and embody self-love and self-compassion in your daily life by activating the divine qualities of Keycode 6 within you

    white-block“There are many legends about my origin that have sparked the imagination of humanity for centuries, even thousands of years. The beginning of my story is simpler than most have told and its unfolding is more magical than most offered. I am here to speak my story beyond cultural and religious context so that we may meet heart-to-heart in the humanity of my humble beginning.”

    Quan Yin, The Sophia Code


    butter-fly“It’s unbelievable what you created with these transmissions.
    Quan Yin is exceptional.”


    white-blockKeycode 7: The White Buffalo Woman Initiation
    “Prayer as an Act of Self-Realization”



    • Meet the Divine Feminine Christ teacher White Buffalo Woman in this visionary transmission given as a new prophecy live in Mount Shasta, CA

    • Receive her Divine Feminine medicine blessings and direct mentorship for embodying your Higher Self as a wayshower for global peace and humanity’s healing

    • Opens your consciousness to embrace the miraculous power of your own divinity within your heroic human journey

    • Activates the divine qualities of Keycode 7 within you – including the power of your prayers and sovereign ability to command miracles as a “Living Chanunpa”

    “As the collective prayer for humanity to know thyself expands, humanity will soon remember its perfect design as a species to embody the Living Chanupah, a people capable of commanding miracles. For humanity to know this prayer is possible, there must be those willing to walk in this world as an embodiment of the Sacred Pipe’s teachings. You must know yourself as the Living Pipe: to trust your divinity now as you have trusted the Chanunpah in the past to answer all your prayers.”

    White Buffalo Woman, The Sophia Code


    Keycode 777: The Sophia Dragons Initiation
    “Anchoring Your Golden Dragon Light Body at the Sacred Heart”


    • Meet The Sophia Dragons® – the highest angelic seraphim and Creatrix Mothers of the Holy Mother Sophia

    • Journey into The Temple of the Dragon Heart to receive ceremonial rites of passage from The Sophia Dragon Tribe for embodying your Higher Self as a sovereign creator

    • Download The Golden Dragon Light Body to surround your human body with this angelic spiritual technology for living in your highest potential on Earth

    • Activates the divine qualities of Keycode 777 within you


    “We created The Golden Dragon Light Body as a spiritual technology to embody your Higher Self’s sovereign ability to create beyond the Laws of form. The Golden Dragon Light Body is designed to anchor those invincible qualities of your Oversoul’s Sophia Christ Light within the operating system of your human body …”

    The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code